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Martin Fourcade : « a race against myself »

Martin Fourcade won the mass-start at the Biathlon World Cup in Annecy - Le Grand Bornand, this Sunday December 17th. After two second place finishes in the sprint and pursuit races, with the help of 15,000 spectators and all eyes on him, King Martin brilliantly won in front of his “homies”.

Martin Fourcade : « a race against myself »

A beautiful battle.

The battle between Johannes Boe and Martin Fourcade was everything you’d want it to be. Martin Fourcade was so close to victory in the sprint (Friday) and pursuit (Saturday) races. A few missed shots cost him the gold both days.  He stated in press conference: ”I am quite satisfied with my races but I carry some frustration of being second.” When you hate losing more than you love winning, being second is not an option.

On Sunday December 17th, Martin Fourcade, equipped with the Pro Team sunglasses series, won in spectacular fashion, 20/20 at shooting & an inferno rhythm on skis allowed him to keep his competitors at a distance. In the final meters he savored the victory in communion with the crowd.

The Frenchman won his 65th victory for his huge career on the world cup circuit. Was this victory the most beautiful? His answer, “it’s hard to rank the victories, but in terms of emotions, this one is the most beautiful of my life. Today I didn’t race against Johannes (Boe, 2nd), I raced against myself. I applied all my knowledge about biathlon. I took my responsibilities, I challenged myself. I managed to keep focus in this amazing festive atmosphere. I want to thank the public for that. And I’m so happy to master a “full-house” race.

He therefore keeps the yellow bib of world cup leader of the 2017-2018 season, with 7 podium in 7 races (including 2 victories), his consistency is exemplary.




Et les autres ?

Benjamin Weger, also equipped of the Pro Team sunglasses series, reached a promising 5th place on the mass-start.  ”It is for me a perfect race before the Christmas break. I now know I can step on the podium.

The big surprise of the weekend comes from Antonin Guigonnat who finished 3rd during the sprint race only behind the king Fourcade. Will he be the 6th man of the French biathlon team at the Winter Olympic games? Time will tell.

Simon Desthieux also had a great weekend of racing with a 5th and 6th spot in sprint and pursuit, respectively.

On the women’s side, Anaïs Chevalier, who is coming back from a shoulder injury, is climbing the ladder again. She ended up 6th of the mass-start race.  


Simon Desthieux

Simon Desthieux

Antonin Guigonnat

Antonin Guigonnat



The sunglasses our biathletes wore during the Biathlon World Cup in Annecy – Le Grand Bornand


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Aerolite Pro Team

Tarjei Boe

Tarjei Boe from Norway

Anais Chevalier

Anais Chevalier



Thank you Martin !

Martin Fourcade



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