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cross country skiing - 36 years

Robin from Villard

Robin Duvillard is a veteran member of the French cross-country ski team.

Born in Villard-de-Lans on the Vercors plateau, Robin didn't have much choice other than to like winter sports "or you end up getting fat pretty quickly," he explains. His first love was ice skating but when he joined the cross-country ski club – after misreading the content of the sessions – Robin found what he excelled at and his career as an elite athlete gradually started to take shape. He won a bronze medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics, is a two-time French champion and was victorious in the famous Transjurassienne race. His next big goal is of course the Winter Games in Pyeongchang in 2018.

The Monday date

Robin and his pen meet every Monday on his Facebook page. By July 24th 2017, he'd written 200 offbeat and interesting posts for his fans, giving an excellent insight into the life of an elite cross-country skier. From reading his posts, you get the sense that a weakness for sweet things is a nasty vice for any sportsperson but maybe the prospect of a lovely piece of chocolate cake when you finish interval training is the best motivation after all? (And much better than getting the wooden spoon to stir it with!)

"I'm between 1.78 m tall in the morning and 1.77 in the evening, I weigh 73 kg in the summer and 68 kg in the winter, I train between 55 hours a month in the winter and 85 hours in the summer, my VO2 max varies from around 47 in late April to 85 in the winter, I eat desserts in the springtime and summer, then salads in the fall and winter. At the end of the day, the only thing that doesn't change are my Julbos which I wear all year round!! (Well, them and my graying hair...)."

Pro Team - A special series to shine at the highest level!

To support Julbo athletes in the major sporting competitions of winter 2017-2018, we've created a special series. Thanks to dynamic graphics and carefully chosen color combinations, we'll take our heroes and heroines to new heights and help their medal dreams come true. The contrasting colors of the helmet, goggles and sunglasses are symbolic of the transition from shade to light, evoking both our photochromic lens technologies and our competitors' quest for glory.

They also mean you'll easily spot Robin Duvillard on the screen or on the course!

Sunglasses and visor worn by Robin Duvillard

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