Mountain biking - 36 years

Tito Tomasi

Bike, art & surf

Originally from near Nice, Tito grew up surrounded by the pioneers of French mountain biking and the famous steep, super-tough trails of the south. Immersion in this environment forged his passion for mountain biking. He initially took part in cross-country competitions and then enduro when the discipline exploded in the 2000s. But he very quickly realized that he no longer wanted to limit his sport with labels. Alpine trails interest him more than bike parks and the desire to explore new terrain, and discover new mountains and other cultures are what drive him. He spends as much time on his bike as he does painting or surfing. He brings back stunning travel journals from his pilgrimages in the form of drawings, photos and videos.


With Julbo

"Julbo is a pioneering mountain sports brand and the attitude of the company is in perfect sync with my values: exploring the world from dawn to dusk and sharing our thirst for adventure. Travelling has become a way of life for me and I've been to the four corners of the globe – Nepal, Cape Verde, Indonesia, Europe, South America, Kyrgyzstan – because I've managed to bring all my passions together and I'm lucky to make a living from them, so I live life to the full and invite others to follow me by sharing my trips."

Sunglasses and MTB goggles worn by Tito Tomasi

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