Enduro Jura by Julbo 2018 : discover the event through Antoine Caron's interview!
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Montag, 4. Juni 2018

Enduro Jura by Julbo 2018 : discover the event through Antoine Caron's interview!

The "Enduro Jura by Julbo" is the result of a partnership between French mountain biker François Bailly Maître, his organization "Enduro Jura" and Julbo. With a shared desire to show participants the very best bits of the Haut-Jura through enduro mountain biking. On June 8th, 9th and 10th, the best riders on the planet will meet in the Haut-Jura mountains for the fourth edition of the "Enduro Jura by Julbo".


- Hi Antoine, can you introduce yourself in a few words for those who don't yet know you?

Hi everyone, I'm 26 years old, and as you can tell from my accent, I'm from Quebec! I live in Lac Beau-Port, not far from Mont Saint-Anne, a great place to ride. I've been mountain biking forever, or almost. I did XC for a long time, a discipline where I competed in world cup events. After an injury, I tried an enduro race. I had a lot of fun on the bike that day! And now enduro is the only discipline I ride in. I'm lucky enough to be a pro rider for Pivot and Julbo.


- What do you like about France, and especially the Jura, compared to back home?

Every time I come to France, it's always amazing to see how different one region is from another. For example, if you go from the Jura to the Alps, it almost feels like changing country. The landscapes are radically different. In Canada, you have to travel thousands of miles to see as much difference in the scenery. As a mountain biker, France offers different types of terrain (stones, roots, mountain pastures, shady forest) and weather, but also different cultures.

There's something really special about the Jura which got under my skin last year. I found the people super-friendly and warm. It made me want to come back!


- This is the second time you'll be riding the "Enduro Jura by Julbo". Is there something about the race that's special for you?

In a competitive season, we're busy almost every weekend. We're always traveling all over the place to train or compete in a race. Over the course of a year and out of all these trips, there are always one or two highlights – races or places that have a special impact on us. The "Enduro Jura by Julbo" is definitely one of those. It's a small-scale event where there's a real sense of camaraderie between competitors. We're here to ride to the max of course, but we also come for the atmosphere, and to take part in events such as the race on kids' bikes on Saturday. And as for the race course itself, it can only be described as "top notch", as we say back home!


- What's your goal for the race this year?

To have as much fun riding it as last year! And I wouldn't be against getting on the podium, even if the starting line-up is packed with elite riders. Last year, I finished fourth. Now that I know the terrain a bit better, I just might do better... 

One of my goals, or rather wishes, is to have the same weather as last year!


- Can you describe the race in three words?

Camaraderie, fun riding and "enduro French-style". Yes, I think those three phrases perfectly describe the race and its atmosphere. 

And to explain a bit more, "enduro French-style" means that the types of turns, specials profiles and trails are all very typical of France. And just to be clear, that's not in any way a criticism!


- Any final thoughts?

I'd do races like this every weekend. It's really cool. So a big thank you to the organization and to Julbo for giving us the opportunity to ride these awesome trails.


- Thank you Antoine, and see you soon in the Jura.


Text: Aurélien Colin - Athlete 2.0


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