Baptiste GROS
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Baptiste GROS
cross country skiing - 30 years

Team Poney for the win

Baptiste Gros belongs to the group of sprinters in the French cross-country skiing team known as "Team Poney". With a relaxed attitude to life, he doesn't hide his love of sweet treats, shared equally by his friend Robin Duvillard. His rugby-playing physique is unusual in the cross-country world but very effective at clearing a path through his racing competitors.

Fourth in the final standings of the sprint cross-country world cup (the highest-ranked Frenchman in the sprint event) in 2016-2017, Baptiste achieved his first career victory at the 2016 world cup in Quebec. He has four other podium finishes in his career, three of which were in the 2016-2017 season.


With Julbo

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Sunglasses worn by Baptiste Gros

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