Gediminas  GRINIUS
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Trail running
Gediminas GRINIUS
Ultra-Trail - 41 years

Gediminas Grinuis

2016 ultra-trail world champion

A Lithuanian soldier who works for NATO, he began running to alleviate symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder on his return from a mission in Iraq. Over time, he gradually extended his running distances to the ultra-marathon.

In 2013, he was third in the UTWT (Ultra-Trail World Tour). In 2015, he came in second.  In 2016, his reputation was cemented when he finally won the UTWT after an exceptional season.  Not bad for someone who started running ultra-marathons in 2014. But this new-found fame hasn't affected this humble soldier. Trail running is still a hobby for him. Though he'd like to be a professional, Gediminas is still waiting for the opportunity to take the leap. Most of all, he says he'd love to move nearer to the mountains, as in his native country of Lithuania he has to run up hills a hundred times to get a decent height gain! 

Family travels

A father of two children, Gediminas takes his tribe to the four corners of the globe when competing in races. His family means everything to him and they're always there at the feed stations or on the finish line.

Trail Running Factory

Bitten by the trail bug, Gediminas is keen to pass it on to others! With the help of his wife, he runs ultra-trail training camps.

Gediminas Grinius' sunglasses

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