Ophélie DAVID
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Ski cross
Ophélie DAVID
Ski cross - 42 years

Ophélie David

Inexhaustible !

A seven-time winner of the ski cross world cup, 4-time winner of the X Games, world champion, world champion runner up... In other words, Ophélie has won it all. She's still racing today and the next gen are right to be wary, as proven by her bronze medal at the world championships in Are (Sweden) in 2016.

She'll be back on our screens at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games.  And you can bet that she'll want to make up for missing out in the final at the Sochi Winter Games in 2014.

When the snow melts…

Ophélie also excels at the handlebars of her mountain bike and on races with glacier mass starts: winner of the iconic Mégavalanche from the Alpe d’Huez in 2008 and double winner of the Mountain of Hell in 2007. Her two favorite sports clearly share a lot of common ground.

Pro Team - A special series to shine at the highest level!

To support Julbo athletes in the major sporting competitions of winter 2017-2018, we've created a special series. Thanks to dynamic graphics and carefully chosen color combinations, we'll take our heroes and heroines to new heights and help their medal dreams come true. The contrasting colors of the helmet, goggles and sunglasses are symbolic of the transition from shade to light, evoking both our photochromic lens technologies and our competitors' quest for glory.

They also mean you'll easily spot Ophélie David on the screen or on the slopes!

Pro Team Julbo

Sunglasses and goggles worn by Ophélie David

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