Ski nordique
Biathlon - 36 years

Big brother

Originally from the Pyrenees and now living in the department of Isère, Martin Fourcade's older brother first came to prominence in his junior years. He's a member of the French biathlon team and can be seen racing alongside his brother in the relay events. The two brothers have stood on the podium together on several occasions, both for individual and relay medals. They were victorious in the relay in Pyeongchang in March 2017… an excellent result in the future stadium of the 2018 Winter Olympics!

A willing participant in numerous photo shoots, Simon is a very active ambassador for us.

With Julbo

"A French brand, with real values. A technical team that's willing to listen and always looking for innovative ideas; we collaborate with them to develop products specific to our discipline.

The Aero is the perfect example of this. Inspired by athletes/made by Julbo ;-)"

Pro Team - A special series to shine at the highest level!

To support Julbo athletes in the major sporting competitions of winter 2017-2018, we've created a special series. Thanks to dynamic graphics and carefully chosen color combinations, we'll take our heroes and heroines to new heights and help their medal dreams come true. The contrasting colors of the helmet, goggles and sunglasses are symbolic of the transition from shade to light, evoking both our photochromic lens technologies and our competitors' quest for glory.

They also mean you'll easily spot Simon Fourcade on the screen or on the course!

Sunglasses worn by Simon Fourcade

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