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Vincent REFFET
Free Fly - 36 years

vince reffet

Coming from a family of parachutists, Vincent "Vince" Reffet got involved in the sport at the age of 15. He joined the French freefly team in 2004 alongside Fred Fugen. Together, they won all the major parachuting competitions up to 2009: three world champion titles (2004, 2006, 2008), one world cup (2005) and two World Games (2005, 2009). He also does base jumping and speed riding, and is a wind tunnel instructor (free fall simulator).His "freeflyer" talents got him noticed and he was hired to be the double of actor Tomer Sisley in the film "Largo Winch 2". 

Together with Fred Fugen, he continues to write history, flight after flight.

Soul Flyers – the sky has no limit

In 2010, Fred and Vincent relaunched the "Soul Flyers" (a team of parachutists and base jumpers created in 2003). And together they have achieved exploit after exploit in the air.

They broke the world record for urban base jumping, leaping 828 meters from the top of the Burj Khalifa tower (United Arab Emirates). They were dropped at 10,000 meters of altitude directly above Mont Blanc to do a wingsuit flyover of the mountain before landing in Chamonix. In November 2016, they achieved another dream together: flying with and among airplanes using motorized rigid wings. They are amazing pioneers and we can count on their creative minds to continue pursuing "humanity's oldest dream".


In november 2017, the Soul Flyers release a stunning video of their lastest stunt: reach a plane mid-air after jumping in wingsuit from a 4000m high mountain.

Vincent Reffet's sunglasses

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