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Aero Martin Fourcade, birth of a pro model

At Julbo, we like to share, exchange ideas and design products with and for our athletes. This time, we sat down with Martin Fourcade to create a model with an athletic and competitive look. A model that has to meet the demands of biathlon, and more particularly those of an elite athlete with a prestigious CV

Aero Martin Fourcade, birth of a pro model


Birth of a pro model

The story started after the Sochi Winter Olympics. Martin Fourcade, at the time wearing the Dust model, wanted a pair of technical sunglasses that went even further. He remembered some of the sketches previously presented to him and wanted to explore one of the options he'd seen. With designer Clément Bonnet-Mathieu, they drew up a clearly defined set of specifications: technical lens but in a mono version, slim but technical temples, and a more angular but lightweight frame. After several months of constructive discussion, the Aero model was born.

Julbo Aero Martin Fourcade


Frames packed with technical features

Following the success of the ventilation system (SuperFlow System) on the Aerospace goggle (an ISPO 2015 prize-winner), our designers decided to use it as a platform for adding even more technical excellence to these glasses. The result: just a few millimeters separate the top of the frame from the lens to prevent fogging and wind interference, with the whole model offering extra-wide vision. Slim temples fitted with an "Air Link temple system" provide comfort and permanent grip over the ears. This model is supplied with a Zebra Light Fire lens for use in any conditions, and for biathletes, a transparent replacement lens for night competition. A neck warmer for protection against the cold is an added extra for the frame and can also be used to store the glasses by slipping them into its inner pocket.

"My demands when designing a pair of sunglasses were even greater than in a race because I'm not the only one to be affected," explains Martin Fourcade. "If I mess up in competition, I'll be disappointed but if the product we've designed and which has my name on it doesn't work properly, it's the users who'll suffer; and that just wasn't an option!"

Julbo Aero Martin Fourcade


Aero Martin Fourcade

First used this summer by trail runners like Xavier Thévenard, Michel Lanne and Gediminas Grinuis, these sunglasses take on the colors of Martin Fourcade with new accessories for the autumn. This hard-working and personalized pro model is suitable for all those who dream of walking in his tracks and for anyone seeking performance and technical excellence.


Technical data sheet

Julbo Aero Martin Fourcade


  • Recommended retail price: €170
  • Weight: 26g
  • Panoramic view
  • Air Link temples system
  • Front venting
  • Full venting 3D Fit Nose
  • Compatible with an optical clip
  • Zebra Light Fire (1-3) photochromic mono lens with flash finish and anti-fog coating
  • Transparent mono lens
  • Neck warmer for protection from the wind and the sunglasses can be stored in its inner pocket

 You can get yours NOW via our E-Shop !


Comments (3)

jackybrosse,le 28 November 2016
C'est de la lunette julbo comme toujours au top et comme Martin elles sont sportives et sont faites pour gagner. beau design .bravo julbo et bravo martin
jmtyrode,le 21 March 2017
Bravo pour cette collaboration gagnante.
Votre produit est-il fabriqué en France ?
#TeamJulbo,le 28 March 2017
Bonjour jmtyrode,
merci pour le commentaire.

effectivement, la Aero MF est "made in France".

Bien à vous.

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