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Comments about a lifetime adventure around Cape Horn with Yohannes

Franck Cammas and Yohannes Wiebel rounded Cape Horn on a flying catamaran on november 21st.

Yohannes, the lucky amateur, comments his "once in a lifetime" adventure.

Comments about a  lifetime adventure around Cape Horn with Yohannes

What are your best memories of the Julbo Sail Session?

Absolutely great memories! It’s a very cool idea to do this!

For me, it was very tough because there was a weight limit, so I had to gain a lot of weight. Also

I’ve never been filmed before and shooting all those pictures and videos was special for me.

It was a big surprise to qualify for the finals in La Rochelle and after the selection the big wow was I’m in!  I was sitting in the train returning from La Rochelle to Zurich and all the people heard me screaming when the Sail Session staff called me!

What was the most special moment?

Cape Horn for sure!

To be on the boat with Franck Cammas was incredible! Franck always stays focused on his sailing.

Also the impressive natural setting: you feel that you are so far from civilization. The vegetation of the island looks like a very high peak in the Alps: short grass damaged by the strong winds. I saw pictures and videos before going there, but to see it in person was so great!

 The weather changes very quickly, it was the most difficult point on the journey. In one moment it’s nice and sunny and thirty minutes later it’s a snow storm.

We had very good vibrations on board: we cooperated together with the Sail Session crew and we had good feeling.

How did the Julbo Sail session impact your life?

Let’s see! It didn’t change my own life but maybe could open some new opportunities for the future. I have dreamed a lot of about crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Marseille to Carthage. Now I have the opportunity to do this. I don’t know if I would have the opportunity if I hadn’t join the Julbo Sail Session because now a lot of German media know my name.  It is easier to find contacts for the project.

And it’s funny because a Swiss newspaper wrote an article about Julbo Sail Session with my picture in it, and two guys recognized and stopped me in the street.

What are your future projects?

We bought the boat used during the Julbo Sail Session and we want to beat Ivan Bourgnon’s record from Marseille to Carthage in less than 53 hours with my friend Simon.

Another point: Switzerland started to establish a sailing league. All sailing club compete against each other in a tournament. In 2016, my sailing club is in the first league and we want to stay there!

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