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Friday Vision #2

Friday Vision is a editor pick of our Julbo athletes videos.

We hope it will motivates you for the week-end !

Friday Vision #2


Hardrock 100 ultra-trail by ski? Jason Schlarb tested for you !

It does not seem as easy as it sound

Skiing the Hardrock 100 from Schlarb-Wolf Productions on Vimeo.


Mathéo Jacquemoud - Fall and Rise

High level sports are cruel. Athletes are humans after all. Story told by Kilian Jornet and Mathéo's granny. Must see.

JACQUEMOUD | Fall and Rise from FRAME Visuals on Vimeo.


VTOPO wandering in the USA

The VTOPO crew, who travel round the world looking for the best MTB trails, went on the infamous white line in Sedona... No fall zone. Visors advised.


Team valoche

This one is a bonus, because we enjoy Team Valoche spirit (who wouldn't ?) and it features our favorite Martin Fourcade, who happens to be a good actor.

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