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From the great outdoors to the urban jungle!

Wearing glasses does not mean that you need to be careful. Keep moving as want!

From the great outdoors to the urban jungle!


How can we design optical frames that are perfectly suited to an active life? By drawing on all the experience we've gained making sunglasses for the outdoor market! The optical range is directly inspired by the work done between Julbo and its athletes, but also through the observation of active children. The result? Optical frames that are light, tough, stylish... and, most important of all, that stay in place! Learn how here.


Three questions for Benjamin Thaller, Julbo Marketing Director


Why did you choose to design optical frames?


We shouldn't forget that Jules Baud, who founded the brand in 1888, started out producing optical eyewear. So you could say we've  almost 130 years experience! More recently, we realized we could meet a real need of glasses wearers who want to be able to move around in total freedom in their everyday lives.


Is your outdoor expertise useful?

Absolutely! When you know how to make frames that stay in place on the steepest slopes or the biggest waves, you can easily adapt to urban conditions. Without compromising on style of course!


How do you do this ?

We prioritize lightness, grip and toughness by using materials recognized for those qualities. From adults to teens to kids, we develop many different technical solutions, such as shape-memory injected plastic frames, non-slip endtips and ergonomic temples. The end result is frames that are equally good at following your face and fashion!


 Here are some stample of our collection. 

 Julbo Wade

 > Julbo WADE   

Julbo Cameron

 > Julbo CAMERON

Julbo Coventry


Julbo Harmony


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