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Gifts ideas for outdoor people

We selected a few items for a perfect christmas gift for outdoor friend or family member.

Gifts ideas for outdoor people

You have a sport lover among your friends or family ? You don't know what to offer them for christmas ? 


We've picked up some ideas for you.

For endurance sports


The AERO Martin Fourcade glasses will ravish all of endurance sports lover (XC skiing, Trail running, XC mountain bike, road cyclist, triathletes...).
Lightweight, stylish, functionnal...
The Zebra Light Fire lenses that adapts from category 1 to 3 according to the sun will allow you to goes from woody aeras to exposed ones without changing your glasses.
This pro-model comes with a transparent replacement lens if you are outside by night and a neck warmer that matches the sunglasses colors. 




For skiing and snowboarding


The AEROSPACE and AIRLFUX goggles will make more than one skier/snowboarder happy. They both include the SuperFlow System that is an ingenious possibility to edge forward the lens when you are still (queuing, looking at landscape, waiting for a friend) or going up. No more fog. We garantee it. 

AEROSPACE is available with photochormic lenses. One lens for all weather conditions. 

ON position, with the lens edged forward.  

Julbo Aerospace


OFF position, with the lens back into the frame, for downhill time !

Julbo Aerospace 


The AIRFLUX is also a great idea for smaller budget. You will still beneficiate from SuperFlowSystem technology. And you will be able to choose, for the lens, between category 2, 3 or 4  polarized or not.


 Julbo Airflux


Last but not least !


Let's not forget the Vermont Classic ! You can get them via our e-shop.
Julbo Vermont 




All you have to do now is to make a choice !

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