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Jason Lamy-Chappuis : "Julbo, the perfect match"

After two years away from the Nordic combined circuit, Jason Lamy-Chappuis announced his return to competition against the backdrop of the coming Olympic Games in PyeongChang next winter.

A Jura native and freshly qualified pilot, he has chosen Julbo to support him in his quest. Interview with a legend of French sport during his visit to the company's premises in Longchaumois.

Jason Lamy-Chappuis :


It's now a few weeks since you announced your return to competition, how are things going?

I'm very happy to have rejoined the training group. I've got back on track pretty quickly. But I've also got back daily aches and pains! I'd almost forgotten that kind of bodily experience, but it's getting better and better. I hadn't been on a hill for two years, and I wondered if I'd still be able to do it! I've now done around 60 jumps since I came back to the sport [the interview took place in early June], but it was difficult in the beginning. I've done the maneuver so many times that in the end it came back pretty quickly.


Jason Lamy Chappuis Julbo

Jason is back !


What's your life been like over the last two years?

I did a year of theoretical training in Paris to become an airline pilot. It was an awful lot of studying but I ran 2 to 3 times a week when I could. I then went to England from October to April of this year. I worked on the flight simulator and flew planes. During that winter, I saw no snow, just English fog. I've now finished my training and am qualified to fly twin-engine propeller-driven planes. After that, I'll take the simulator qualification for Airbus and Boeing, with the aim of flying airliners.


What sports did you practice during this period?

I'd planned to do the Transjurassienne in 2016, but it was cancelled. I did come back and ski during the Christmas holidays and in January, but that was more about physical training. I used the summer to run and cycle. When I started training again, it was OK in terms of endurance. But when I had to push with poles again, it was quite a different story! My upper body was really out of shape.


Your return generated a considerable amount of interest. Were people supportive of you?

I had plenty of encouragement from friends and family. Everyone said to me: "If it feels right, we'll support you." But I was the one who made all the decisions. I felt a kind of lack, I felt I still had a season in me and could give 150%, so decided to come back for the Winter Games.


How are you feeling, just a few weeks from the start of the Winter Games?

It's going to go very quickly. I've set myself some milestones to see how I'm doing before the start of the World Cup. I can't make up for the training I've missed over the last two years. I still don't know what my physical level is. Mentally, I'm calmer. It's as if I've returned to how I was during my first years in the World Cup.


Jason Lamy Chappuis Julbo


After two years away, has your vision of Nordic combined changed?


Yes of course. I've been able to step back for two years and gain perspective. When I was in England and saw my friends racing, I thought: "Being an elite athlete is pretty cool". You don't necessarily realize how lucky you are. You have to make sacrifices and train hard every day. It's a job you have to feel passionate about, and that shouldn't be forgotten. I've come back with a big wish: to have fun like I did in juniors. That wasn't necessarily the case towards the end of my career, I felt a certain weariness. The training, the competitions, the fatigue – it all weighed me down.


As well as the Olympics, next winter of course also features Chaux-Neuve…

The World Cup will be fantastic, I can't wait. For us, Chaux-Neuve is always a special time. I don't know how many hours I must have spent training there. When we compete in the World Cup, we know that all the spectators are behind us. They're people who really know about our sport.


Your return to competition also coincides with you becoming a Julbo athlete. What does it mean to you to work with a local partner that's passionate about Nordic skiing?

I'm proud to be part of Julbo. I'm from the Haut-Jura and an elite athlete – a perfect match with Julbo and the company's strong ties to the Jura. Julbo invests in top-level sport, especially Nordic disciplines. We're just starting our collaboration but I've already seen that they really listen to athletes to make the very best products. It's fantastic to come to the factory, test the products and discuss ideas with the people developing them. It helps everyone and it gives us the products we want.


You also wear glasses in your daily life...

It's a nightmare finding good sports sunglasses in my prescription. With Julbo, I can come to the factory to get the glasses that suit me perfectly. The lens, the correction – everything's optimized for my practice and my sport.

Jason Lamy Chappuis Julbo

Jason listening carfully at our RXtrem prescription lenses program manager.


After two years away from the sport, what will your role be in the group?

I'm coming back to my friends. I don't feel I'm a leader, that's the role of François Braud after three high-ranking worlds with medals. Physically and technically, I'm at a stage where I have to get my level back. I know what I want, I know what I've been through and I've got things to give younger people. We have a good group and we can learn from each other.



Jason Lamy Chappuis Julbo


Jason Lamy Chappuis

Date of birth: 9 September 1986, age 30
Winter Olympics: Gold, Individual Normal Hill, Vancouver 2010.
World Championships:
1st: Winner, Gundersen Large Hill (2011); Gundersen Normal Hill, Team Event (2013); Team Sprint (2013-2015)
3rd: Mass Start and Gundersen Large Hill (2009); Gundersen Large Hill (2013); Gundersen Normal Hill and Team Event (2015)
World Cup:
Winner of overall standings in 2010-2011-2012. 26 stage victories, 200 starts.


 Words by Fred Machabert.

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