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Julbo launches its Lens Selector App to make the difference!

In 2012, Julbo has taken up the challenge of protecting and equipping every style of snow lover with an even more comprehensive and higher-performance range of lenses. Photochromic and/or polarized, each rider has the right lens for him! To find out the one that best suits you, Julbo launches its App to make the difference!

Julbo launches its Lens Selector App to make the difference!


A sunglasses brand and specialist in solar protection for extreme environments, Julbo has built its reputation on the quality of its lenses by introducing photochromic technology to the winter sports sector.

The benchmark Zebra (cat. 2 to 4) is now complemented by the Zebra Light (cat. 1 to 3), Cameleon (cat. 2 to 4) and Falcon lenses (cat. 3 to 4) - both are photochromic and polarizing. All these lenses use NXT® technology. Light-sensitive treatment throughout the body of the lens, and not just on the surface, provides unrivalled viewing comfort in all situations.

To meet individual needs as accurately as possible, Julbo offers the widest range of technical lenses for perfect adaptation to light levels, terrains, and above all, each type of sport. Whatever the passion, whether it's extreme freeriding or all-mountain skiing, everyone can benefit from outstanding technology expertly adapted to their requirements.

And to see the difference by yourself, download the Lens Selector App, available on AppStore and Google Play or on www.julbo-eyewear.com/lens-selector

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