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Julbo rewarded with a SILMO d'OR for its Tensing Flight

Working with its athletes, Julbo is always looking to push the boundaries of performance.

Julbo rewarded with a SILMO d'OR for its Tensing Flight

Tensing FlightThe Tensing Flight is the story of an adventure. Big fans of the Tensing concept, Fred Fugen and Vincent Reffet, two high flying athletes, joined forces with Julbo’s R&D teams to design an alternative version of the model for extreme aerial sports.

They replaced the temples with an elastic strap so that the front grips tightly to the face. Its dual-material front literally sticks to the face and stops air getting in. The elastic band provides perfect hold around the head and fits easily under a helmet. Photochromic Zebra Light lenses react to the light and are flexible for improved wearing comfort.

Also fitted with polarized lenses for enhancing the wearer’s look or practising water sports like kitesurfing, the new Tensing Flight has been tested and approved in conditions that take the breath away. And for less high-octane moments, the strap can be replaced with Twinflex temples.

Stop by our booth at SILMO - Paris to see it: HALL 6, Allée B, 014


Fred Fugen & Vince Reffet - Soul Flyers

Fred and Vince are masters of the skies and just as happy jumping from a plane as they are from a cliff. Both sons of parachutists, they quickly got the bug which eventually led them to freefly, the most modern and radical parachuting discipline. Holders of three world champion titles, Fred and Vince also became unrivalled experts in aerial sports: canopy piloting, extreme landings, wind tunnel flying, wingsuit and speed riding. Always on the look-out for new thrills, they are constantly thinking outside the box and recently pioneered a new discipline: freefly BASE jumping. Their passion for innovation is shared by the Julbo brand which has been supporting them for almost 10 years.

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,le 01 October 2013
La Tensing Flight ou comment s'envoyer en l'air avec Julbo !!! Bientôt une "Fly Session" by Julbo ?? :) En tout cas, bravo pour ce produit en or !

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