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[Julbo Ride Session] Destination the volcanoes of Guatemala with Fabien Barel

This summer, we are once again inviting all mountain biking fans to try their luck at making a video to win a dream enduro trip: 10 days with Fabien Barel riding on Guatemala's volcanoes.

[Julbo Ride Session] Destination the volcanoes of Guatemala with Fabien Barel


Guatemala is a wonderful country both in terms of its culture and geographical environment. Consisting of forest-covered mountains and plains invaded by the jungle, the country has no fewer than 19 different ecosystems and around 30 volcanoes, all bordered by the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. In other words, a highly varied playground with plenty of virgin terrain. "The idea of going to ride on Guatemala's volcanoes came from one of my friends who's originally from the country," explains Fabien Barel.  "It's a destination that's still undiscovered in the mountain biking world, which adds a real dimension of adventure to the trip. Here, we won't be riding on well-worn trails made by our predecessors, but forging our own and making our mark".



A unique trip but also an extraordinary human adventure: who wouldn't dream of riding in an unknown country following the advice of a pro? "What particularly attracted me about this project was the concept of sharing and closeness," explains Fabien. "Making a trip that's usually only reserved for the elite accessible to an amateur, so that you can discover a country together, doing what you love and taking pictures: it's quite simply incredible!" The invitation's on the table, so seize the opportunity for a November 2013 departure! 


HOW DO YOU TAKE PART? Your passport + a video = Guatemala!

Win Fabien over with your personality, your creativity and your motivation! Simply make a one-minute video, introducing yourself and showing him your enduro level. Once edited, carefully fill out the form on our Facebook page where you'll also find all the information you need.
Helpful hint: the more views your video has, the better your chances of appearing in the top 10!

Submit your application from 1 July to 20 September 2013.

Comments (4)

,le 10 July 2013
49 ans, 25 ans de ride dans les cuisseaux. Toujours aussi énervé avec un guidon en mains. Des tonnes de crampons usés. Des singles pleins la tête....
Et je continue à dire que "le premier qui freine est un lâche".....
,le 04 September 2013
Hi, Im Miguel Valle, Guatemala's national champion UCI 2013. glad to have you guys here! I hope to make contact so maybe can ride with you!
,le 04 September 2013
Bonjour, je viens de remplir le formulaire sur facebook mais je sais pas si c'est confirmé !!!! Y'as rien sur la page facebook une fois validé !!!!
Gérald Lefranc. Merci
,le 09 September 2013
Bonjour Gérald,
Votre inscription a bien été enregistrée le 4 septembre.
Bien à vous.

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