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#JulboSailSession: An exceptional adventure around Cape Horn with Franck Cammas becomes a reality for…

Last July, Julbo called on all sailing enthusiasts to compete for the chance to become Franck Cammas's crew mate and embark on an adventure alongside Franck, rounding Cape Horn aboard a flying catamaran. Two months later and we have received 250 applications from all over the world, vying for this single prize. Meeting with the person who stood out from the crowd and landed a ticket for this unusual challenge.

#JulboSailSession:  An exceptional adventure around Cape Horn with Franck Cammas becomes a reality for…

He had to pass a two-stage selection process to land this highly coveted prize - winner of the Julbo Sail Session 2015. First of all, the winner had to take a video and send it off with details of his/her sailing experience.  The next stage comprised demonstrating his/her sailing ability under real conditions during a day spent at La Rochelle with training sessions in the classroom and on the water. Meeting with the lucky winner.


Last name: Wiebel

First name: Johannes

Age: 35 years old

From Munich (GER)

Job: Architect in Zurich

What is your fondest sailing memory?

Johannes Wiebel: "Last winter, my girlfriend and I tried to break the 49er record in Zurich (making a round trip on Zurick lake as soon as possible). We sailed with snow, rain and wind. It was our 6th attempt and we made it: an incredible souvenir! But I also remember a beautiful 3-month-sailing-trip on the Adriatic sea with my girlfriend to pratice Deep Water Soloing."

Tell us, in a few words, how this adventure inspires you?

JW: "Sailing with a pro and especially with Franck Cammas is a great honor. This #JulboSailSession includes everything I like: boats trips, sporting challenge and perseverance. I’ve managed to take 7kg before coming here because it was written in the rules! ;)"

What can we wish you before you set off for Cape Horn?

JW: "Survive !"


The challenge: to round Cape Horn and dock there

Easier said than done! From Puerto Williams, the expedition will head for Puerto Toro. This village with about fifty inhabitants is the southernmost city on the planet (apart from research stations). It is located 3,875 km from the South Pole. It is also the only village located below the 55th parallel.

The Nacra F20 Carbon FCS and its rear base will then sail to an anchorage point near the Horn where preparations will begin to round the famous Cape where the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans meet. The duo comprising Franck Cammas and his crew mate will travel almost 100 nautical miles in the flying catamaran, sailing through the icy waters of Patagonia.

Franck and his crew mate, Johannes Wiebel, will not make do with simply rounding the mythical rock. Once the sporting challenge has been accomplished, the human adventure will take over and Franck and his crew mate will disembark on the rock of the Horn to meet the lighthouse keeper and his family.


Discover in pictures (©Jérémy Bernard) the last selection stage in La Rochelle:

Training sessions

...watched by Franck Cammas.

Most of the finalists haven't sailed in flying catamaran before. A briefing and some safety rules need to be said.

45 min of sailing each with Franck Cammas.

Rough sea, wind, the conditions are extreme but the finalists have to hang up no matter what.

When the Nacra starts flying, it is the explosion of joy for the finalists.

The finalist Nikola Girke (CAN), 37 years old

The finalist finaliste Tom Laperche (FRA), 18 years old

The finalist Andrea Rossi (SUI), 34 years old

The finalist Antoine Rucard(FRA), 20 years old


Well done to these 5 shortlisted and congratulations Johannes on claiming the #JulboSailSession winner title. See you from 20 to 30 November 2015 to follow this adventure in Cape Horn!

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Elisabeth,le 23 September 2015
Congrats Johannes :-) really happy for you. Enjoy fully that great trip.
Congrats also to the other 4 finalists, hoping that you are not upset that much :that was already amazing to reach the final stage et live this special day :-)
Thanks also to Julbo for sharing these photos and videos : huge level requested for this unique adventure

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