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Laetitia Roux a heart of gold

Most of the time, she's adored. But some people get annoyed. The 2015 quadruple world champion continues to impose her supremacy but winning everything, you see, can get on other people's nerves. But now, the fearless, flawless little sportswoman has grown up and, by her own admission, "opened up to other people". Maybe it's time we took another look at Laetitia Roux, the woman.

Laetitia Roux a heart of gold

The 2015 Pierra Menta was a double victory for Laetitia, firstly in terms of sporting performance, but also at heart level: she set herself the goal of leaving the starting line with team-mate Miréia Miro, who'd stopped competing last year and wasn't quite back in top form yet.

She believed in her and kept going when necessary. And they crossed the finish line together, ahead of the pack! The Grande Course circuit of international races is what really gets Laetitia's heart racing. The technical, elevated Alpine routes of the Pierra Menta, Adamello and Mezzalama allow her to fully express her talent.

Four out of five titles at the Worlds in Verbier, a victory on the iconic 30th Pierra Menta and full marks for the World Cup season, Laetitia won't let anything pass her by.

So does she still enjoy it? "Winning your first world cup is exhilarating of course, but the emotions are just as strong with others. Only not for the same reasons!" explains Laetitia. "I enjoy everything that happens around the sport more and more, and especially the personal connections."

What does she like about the sport? "Ultimately, when all is said and done, what I like is the way of life around the concessions you have to make, the healthy lifestyle choices, the exacting standards. Yes, really, it's the ski mountaineering lifestyle. I absolutely love this sport. And to help it progress as well. And I chose Julbo because I like their philosophy, their way of doing things and their involvement in ski mountaineering. I like how they share things with athletes. Giving feedback on products is good, but when you get a response afterwards it's even better!" 

The champion from the Hautes-Alpes now draws her inspiration from up-and-coming generations: "I'm perhaps more generous towards others nowadays. More open. Young people give me a boost. They're the future. I feel their recognition when we chat together. I sense something shining in their eyes that motivates me."

And in return, she teaches them values that go way beyond sport, such as self-respect and the values of the famous ski mountaineering "art of living".

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