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Léo Slemett - Freeride World Tour Champion

He did it! The young man from Chamonix won the 2017 FWT after a beautiful second place in Verbier for the final stage.

Léo Slemett - Freeride World Tour Champion

The FWT final stage in Verbier was hard on nerves. First of all the weather forecast delayed the competition but mostly all eyes were on the ski men category.

Before the ultimate stage 3 skiers were scoring the exact same amount of points in the overall standings. The world title was therefore for grab for any of them. Anything could happen, no mistakes were allowed if you wanted to bring the graal home.


At the "Bec des Rosses", the infamous Verbier peak, the rider gave an "all or nothing run" to reach the title.

With a clean, fast run and a signature 3-6 Léo managed to get 92.66 points. Putting himself on the hot seat. 



But he was the first of the contenders to ride. So he had to wait. Reine Barkered did a massive run that put him on the top spot with 95 points. But after neither Kristopher Trudell, or Loïc Collomb-Patton reached the 92 points bar. Léo is the new World Champion.


"I skied the way I wanted to, I didn't try any strategic trick. I was there to challenge myself. [...] This title is a revenge on so many things but I won't stop there..."

- Léo Slemett Freeride World Tour Champion



 Léo Slemett Julbo

Leo Slemett Julbo

Leo Slemett Julbo

Leo Slemett Julbo

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Domi 33,le 04 April 2017
Bravo à Léo nous sommes fiers de sa victoire qui représente bien plus qu'un simple podium. Une victoire pour la Vie ! Un regret : ne pas avoir été là avec les costumes et les cloches de 2016 !

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