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Meet Drejc, the 2017 Julbo White Session winner!

The two pro snowboarders Manuela Mandl and Flo Orley just flown to Iceland with their "protegee" Drejc the winner of this year White Session.

Meet Drejc, the 2017 Julbo White Session winner!


Darjan Andrejc (pronounced “Darian Andreits”) is Julbo’s 2017 White Session winner. He will join Manuela Mandl and Flo Orley on the trip of a lifetime to Iceland this April. He comes from a small village in Slovenia, not far from the mountains. He moved to Ljubljana for his pharmacy studies and has been living there ever since. He tells us that Ljubljana is ideal because it’s only a one-hour-drive to be either in the Alps or at the Adriatic Sea, and in between there are plenty of mountain bike trails. “I am 32 years old, but actually I feel more like 23” he explains, with so much fun activities around it’s not surprising.
I finished my masters of pharmacy and this year I will finalize my biomedical PhD for cancer metabolism. It’s actually just an excuse, not to get a regular job”, he laughs. Drejc just started a new job at a Slovenian medical agency, where he works as a pharmaceutical inspector for medicine manufacture.
Let’s meet the guy everyone call Drejc (pronounced Dreits), except for his mother when she is angry at him.


Flo Orley and Manuela Mandl on why they chose Drejc

His passion for outdoor sports can ben seen and heard in all he does and says.He dedicated more time into doing the video then most others, really wanting to to be chosen and especially introducing himself properly, while many others just used their gopro shots and we never got to see who they really are and / or what the look like. Plus he has a nice beard, nice theet and a big smile all the time! - Flo & Manu 



"Great day on another local mountain Uršlja Gora, also in 2013, it was the best winter in the last 10 years for local peaks. 3 days of consecutive 30 cm fresh powder and bluebird days (crazy conditions). We were exhausted after a couple of days of touring in a row." Drejc



Drejc, tell us when did you start skiing?

I have been skiing since I was four years old. As a kid I always dragged my dad into the woods, instead of skiing the trails. I later discovered the joy of powder skiing on a snowboard, since I was also snowboarding for about ten years in between. But back then it was difficult to make a choice what equipment to bring on a ski trip: snowboard or skis?
About eight years ago I fell in love with skiing again, with the discovery of fat skis. My dad introduced me to ski .touring and I was hooked with the combination. I still go on ski lifts to freeride (mostly Austrian Salzburg region, sometimes Monterosa, home mountain Vogel etc) on a good day, but mostly I look for perfect untracked terrain to ski tour with my friends.


Ski or snowboard? (Though & trick question…!)

It’s not a trick question ☺
I felt the “rivalry” of both worlds, only in the times when I started snowboarding as I kid, age 11, but now I find it so childish and immature. I actually encourage my splitboarding friends to plan tours together, since it’s much more fun to combine both worlds, everyone has a different aspect of the mountain, and from this diversity you get the best experiences on the mountain.
I used to do both for at least five years, but wasn’t improving in either, so I decided to just ski, because it was more practical (back then, there were no splitboards). But I kinda miss the surfy feeling of the snowboard, hopefully I can get a taste of it on Iceland!


Best and worst memory on snow?

So far no worst memories I can think of, no serious injuries, or avalanches experiences, lucky me, *knock on wood*. It’s not really about memories but I hate the early season days, when there is not enough snow and you’re eager to enjoy the powder, because my skis get hurt, a lot.
Best memories I think are yet come, in Iceland. But so far, each face shot of powder is well memorized, as well as every big or small cliff hucks. All in all, I can’t choose a best one, since every day is different. I look ahead, on more snowy days to come, that’s my focus, stay safe and ride another day.


Describe your perfect skiing/snowboarding day?

Start out early in the dark with lights, with my three musketeer buddies (which is like really rare – we never got to go out together in all these years, the four of us that is. It’s like a curse). When you hike up high, the sun comes up, no wind, clear violet sky. The higher we hike, the better and deeper the snow gets. No hurries, we have all day to enjoy. Climb and ride a few fun lines, each to its own choosing. Get back to the cabin at dark, open a beer and talk and laugh over the funny things that happened that day. Sleep early, repeat the next morning.


How did you know about the Julbo White Session 2017?

I got a pair of aerospace goggles last season, was so excited about its airflow function, started following Julbo on Instagram. That’s where I’ve seen the Julbo White Session, I fell in love with the idea of an Iceland trip, so I immediately started a project for a video. It worked out the best way!
I’ve heard about Flo before, as he is a Julbo Athlete and as he competed on the Freeride World Tour (he was snowboarding in time when I was snowboarding as well).

I heard about Manu for the first time, when I saw the Julbo White Session 2017 on Julbo page, as Flo's rookie.


BONUS: What’s the meaning of life? (good luck on that one!)

Hmmm, I’m still figuring this one out. But the more I think… the more I believe that if we knew the meaning of life… we would lose all the fun in trying to figure it all out. Life is short, you get only one chance, live every day as it was your last. (Bob Marley - Three little birds)




Drejc's video that made him win!

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