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Mike Wardian Globe Runner

We saw him running an ultra, disguised as Elvis Presley, in Antarctica.... He could be mistaken for Forrest Gump with his long beard. Who is this guy?

Mike Wardian Globe Runner

Mike Wardian is no ordinary runner. He lives by the motto "keep pushing the limits", addicted to racing, he often does two per weekend. He proved his great capacity for marathon distances, but don't be surprise to see him racing on trails and in ultras. At the age of 42 this globe-runner who runs 40 to 50 races a year just completed an unsual challenge.
7 marathons, in 7 days on 7 continents... and of course he walked away with 7 wins.

Where did this idea come from and what was the previous record?

MRW: I heard about the trip from Richard Donovan at the 2014 UVU North Pole Marathon. The previous record was set last year and was about 3:22 average. I accepted the challenge!

Mike signed an average of 2 hours 45 minutes on those 7 marathons, the "slowest" was in Antarctica by minus 30 degrees (-22F°) in 2h54.

What does one need to do to pull it off?

MRW: I think that to excel at an event like the World Marathon Challenge a person needs to be able to push their limits each and every day, be able to travel long distance, get along well with others and be adaptable. For me in each competition I take part to, the aim is the same: to push my body and mind to the absolute limits.

What kind of planning has to go into pulling something like this off?

MRW: We were lucky that all the logistics and planning were arranged by Richard Donovan at the World Marathon Challenge. 

Were there specific requirements for each race?

MRW: There were no requirements for each race. We just showed up and ran, the organization arranged the course, aid stations, timing, etc.. The biggest challenge was to adapt the gear for each race, from Antarctica to Dubai you don't need the same kind of clothes!

Mike in Antarctica / (c) World Marathon Challenge


How much sleep did you get between races?

MRW: I didn't sleep much about 16 hours total and it ranged from none to about 6 hours. I don't normally need much sleep but it took a toll on me for sure and loved that made it very challenging. Basically as we got out of the plane we started running.

Did your family join you?

MRW: The most important thing is sharing all this with friends and family, I have them by my side as much as possible. My wife, Jennifer, joined me in Miami for the race and to bring some food and clothes and give me support. Our kids had school unfortunately but we have a big trip to New Zealand so we will get lots of family time soon. 

What's next?

MRW: I have a huge 2017, you can see my schedule at: 

But some highlights are the Tarawera 100k, the Barkley Marathons, The Boston Marathon, the Big Sur Marathon, The Ultra Trail Australia, Western States, Hardrock 100 to name a few. 

 mike wardian

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