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MTB Enduro - Our athletes in Italy

Jérôme Clementz and François Bailly-Maître took part in the last round of Enduro World Series (EWS) in Finale Ligure in Italy where the mountains fall into the sea.

Can we imagine a better ending ?

MTB Enduro - Our athletes in Italy

Jérôme Clementz on Enduro World Series overall podium

Jérôme Clementz finishes 3rd on the overall ranking of this season Enduro World Series (EWS)! He is the most decorated EWS rider, after his winning in 2013 and his 3rd place in 2015.
For the 2016 series, after 8 round around the world and 50 timed stages his conssitency allowed him to grab precious points all along the way for the final podium.

Jérôme Clementz

Photos // Ill Prod

François Bailly-Maître, ends his season at the 8th spot of the overall ranking. His target was the TOP10, so he manages to reach his objectives!

The two Julbo Athletes had to cope with mechanical issues for this ultimate round in Finale Ligure. A puncture for each, during the first stage for François Bailly-Maître and in the last stage for Jérome Clementz. It is a matter of solidarity between the two ? We will never know.
Whatsoever, hardwear issues are always very frustrating for the riders because they can't let their talents behind the bars express. That said when we see Jérôme Clementz drift-saving (because of the flat rear tire) in this video (0:40) we can appreciate his skills. 

The two friends will be at Roc d'Azur, just like us, from october 6th to 9th, and François Bailly-Maître will have important things to tell you!
See you there!

François Bailly-Maître

photos // Ill Prod & Julbo

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