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Results of the contest 125 years

Find out the 10 winners who got the most votes for their photo!

Results of the contest 125 years

A big thank you for your participation in the Photos competition 125 years - 125 visions.

The 10 winners who win a ski mask Meteor worth 140€ are:
- Chantal Arnaud
- Sonja Balouzat
- Baptiste Julien
- Nicolas Biland
- Guillaume Darbonville
- Pierre-François DESROCHE
- Matthias Felkel
- Cynthia Gangloff
- Julien Genre
- Robin Rullaud

And after the draw among the 10 winners, Guillaume Darbonville wins the digital Polaroid camera with recharges, a total value of 350€.

Congratulations to the winners and stay tuned for the next session on our facebook pageopen from 1 to 21 April. 
Next month, 10 sunglasses Stunt and an iPad mini for the quarterly prize draw are up for grabs! 

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,le 28 March 2013
Can you publish number of votes for their photo or number of votes for all photo. Thank you
,le 08 April 2013
et les meilleurs photos elles sont où?

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