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Seeking a crewmate for a foiling gybe at Cape Horn with Franck Cammas

Twice a year, we offer one of our athletes the chance to realise a dream with a unique sporting feat. This year it is the turn of Franck Cammas. Interview with him.

Seeking a crewmate for a foiling gybe at Cape Horn with Franck Cammas

Why this dream, you have already rounded Cape Horn in a trimaran during the Jules Verne and in a Volvo Open 70 in the Volvo Ocean Race?

Cape Horn is the part we know. What is fascinating is the land behind. Each time I passed it, I told myself that I had to come back to see this deserted and isolated land. It ‘s also a great story to finally go to meet this family that lives on the edge of the world. Each time we talked by radio with the lighthouse keeper at Cape Horn. When we did the Jules Verne we had this amazing conversation:

- Where are you from?

- From Brest, France

- And where are you from?

- Brest, France

- Ah, you French are crazy!


What will be the greatest difficulty of the session in your opinion?

The management of the weather. We'll have to wait for the right moment because we don’t want to venture out into the unexpected in this part of the world. The Nacra F20 is fast, so we’ll move quickly. On the other hand it’s a thoroughbred, and, in a rough sea, you have to master it.


What should your teammate prepare themselves for?

To be cold, and to experience a unique adventure and take it all in. Sailing on flying boats is more stressful and requires concentration at all times. It’s physically demanding.


What was your reaction when Julbo announced this Sail Session?

I know Julbo like things that are out of the ordinary and I’m very happy to do this project with them. For me, they’re a very loyal partner with whom I’ve had a relationship that’s both simple and rewarding. I think it will be a great achievement of our association with the Julbo brand.


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Comments (2)

dav,le 15 July 2015
Certaines personnes veulent sauter en parachute, sauter à l'élastique, voler... moi je voudrais naviguer sur un bateau de course. J'espère le faire un jour.
kieffer stéphane,le 06 September 2015
je navique en formule 18 depuis 20 ans , et mon désir maintenant est de passer aux catamarans à foil...
Mais vu mon age , ( je suis né en 1957) il est peu probable qu'il me choisisse comme équipier.
J'ai navigué avec franck cammas dans les années 90 en JOD 35 à port laf, mais depuis il a fait une sacré carrière de navigateur!
Bonne chance pour Franck et son équipier , yvan bourgnon s'y était fait peur .

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