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Sunglasses for sportswomen: performance and style is possible!

We've observed, listened to and analyzed the needs of sportswomen in their different disciplines. And from this research we've created products perfectly suited to their expectations: the best of Julbo technologies adapted to the facial shape of women.

Sunglasses for sportswomen: performance and style is possible!

Sunglasses for sportswomen

Lens technology

Four types of lens are available: from simple polycarbonate lenses (Spectron 3) to photochromic technical lenses which get lighter or darker in response to light levels. Thanks to our photochromic lenses, you can set out very early in the morning when the sun is low in the sky, return in bright sunshine while passing through forest and keep your sunglasses on throughout your trip: a single pair for every type of light!


There are 3 types of photochromic lens: Zebra (cat. 2 to 4) and Zebra Light (cat. 1 to 3) and the brand-new Zebra Light Fire.

The Zebra Light Fire lens goes from category 1 to 3 and has an anti-fog coating as well as an external oil-repellent coating to facilitate water runoff and prevent marking. The flash effect of this photochromic lens matched to the sunglasses adds a highly desirable esthetic and technical touch!


When you practice sport, there's nothing more annoying than having to stop in full flight! You're probably familiar with interruptions to push your sunglasses back up your nose because they move with every bump, or wiping them because condensation is stopping you seeing properly, and perhaps worst of all: because they're a poor fit and are hurting your nose or ears!


So you can stay focused on your performance, we've thought of everything:

  • Suspended, vented lenses to prevent fogging

  • An adjustable bridge and temples for adaptation to every facial shape
  • Grip Tech material on the temples for better hold and to stop hair snagging

  • Sunglasses that are light

Color choice

Our sunglasses are available in a wide range of colors: black, blue, pink, white, yellow ... you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a frame to your taste!


Breeze : A genuine sports frame 100% dedicated to women who live only for performance: with exceptional ergonomics and on-trend colors, it has everything to say it with style.

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Zephir : for those who like to go further

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Zephyr : women sunglasses

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