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SuperFlow System - No more fogging.

How to prevent fogging issues on ski goggles? It's a question we all ask.

We have an answer: SuperFlow System.


SuperFlow System - No more fogging.



In the cable car, on a café terrace or when climbing uphill: over a day's skiing, there are times when you really need extra ventilation. Thanks to the SuperFlow System, say goodbye to fogging: the goggles breathe and so do you! The secret? An ultra-venting system created by a lens that can be easily moved forward away from the frame. So you'll never need to take off your goggles to "breathe" and everyone stays perfectly protected from the effects of the sun.




Presented for the first time at ISPO in January 2015, the Superflow System based on the Aerospace mask has picked up numerous awards in the outdoor sector. The great thing about this model is that you can move the lens slightly forward with your hands. This technology is compatible with our range of  REACTIV photochromic and polycarbonate lenses to suit all budgets.

When going uphill, on the approach routes or when static (in the cable car, waiting for a friend, admiring the view from the mountain peak) goggle ventilation is  switched "ON".
For the descent, simply pull the lens against the frames to switch to the "OFF" position.



The spherical lens coupled with the "Minimalist Frame" gives you a very wide field of vision. You can take in all the scenery and anticipate obstacles more efficiently. The slim goggle frame is compatible with all helmets.
This season, Julbo is expanding its product range by adding the SuperFlow System to new models. From freeriders to recreational skiers, everyone will be able to ski with 100% ventilation and 0% condensation!


4 models to suit all sizes and needs

SuperFlow System is for one and all. We have now two sizes XL+ or L+ and you can choose wether you want REACTIVPhotochromic lens technology or Spectron polycarbonate lens. Click on the picture to get all the details!

AEROSPACE / Reactiv Photochromic / XL+

STARWIND / Reactiv Photochromic / L+

AIRFLUX / Spectron / XL +

VENTILATE / Spectron / L+


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