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The Julbo invention that changes the game. SuperFlow System

We develop the SuperFlow System to face the evolution of backcountry skiing. Skis, shoes, apparel, ski biding have evolved. We came up with a evolution for the goggles.

The Julbo invention that changes the game. SuperFlow System

No. More. Fog.

First shown during 2015 ISPO the Superflow System adapted on Aerospace goggles recieved many awards from the outdoor industry. The trick we invented makes it possible to edege the lense away from 1cm (0.3 inch) with your hands.




While Walking up, climbing or during a stationnary break (queueing, waiting for your friend to come back from the toilets, admiring a view at the top of the mountain) the ventilation of the goggles is ensured with the "ON" position.

With the SuperFlow System you won't have anymore fogging troubles. Who never had issues with that ?

While riding down the mountains, push the lense back on the frame - the "OFF"position. 
The spherical screen and the minimalist frame offer the best field of vision possible, for you to anticipate obstacles and enjoy the landscapes. Futhermore, the little use of material for the goggles frames provides excellent compatibilty with all kind of helmets. No more gorbby gap on your forehead! 


Airflux, the new goggles including SuperFlow System

Aerospace's little brother is born : the AIRFLUX. Using the same technology, the SuperFlow System the Airflux is more affordable. 
The lenses we offer for this model are the following : Spectron 2, Spectron 3 et Spectron 4 et Polazired 3.

People skiing with rather sunny and stable conditions will love this new Airflux. 

Julbo Airflux


The big brother, AEROSPACE is available with all of our photochromic lenses, Zebra, Zebra Light, SnowTiger and Cameleon. The price might be higher but the advantage of having a goggles that adjust itself to the conditions are truly worthy. "One lense is all I need" The Aerospace also comes with a cap that you can clip when you have the "ON" position. This prevents the snowflakes from coming in when you are hiking up. It's a little detail that can make a huge difference when it comes to comfort.

Discover the video

All you have to do now is to enjoy you ride !

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