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The Minimalist Frame range

Julbo’s «Minimalist Frame» concept offers the widest possible field of vision by reducing the frame’s thickness. Already available in the Universe or Quantum in XL, Luna or Pioneer in M and Atmo for Juniors, the concept is now available in size L for the leisure ranges. With ISON and ISON DLX, this innovation is now available more skiers than ever before.

The Minimalist Frame range

With the Minimalist Frame, Julbo has created a unique concept which guarantees a wider field of vision, with excellent facial hold and offering optimal ventilation. 

Behind this feat, our design team’s talent have managed to reduce the thickness and volume of the frame in order to maximize the field of vision from every angle. 

And the result is an increase of 15% in lateral vision and an increase of 12% in vertical vision! And not only this, but they designed a frame more flexible than goggles of equivalent construction that fits every face and provides excellent compatibility with all helmets. 

The Minimalist Frame collection expands further this season. After the Juniors last year, Julbo extends this concept to the general public with a never-before-seen technology in this category!

A wide range of sizes

Aerospace : Up and Downhill goggles by Julbo

Size XL+

With Aerospace, Julbo has created the first goggle that works just as well when climbing as hurtling down the mountain!

To avoid misting during ascents, the SuperFlow System enables the screen to edge forward for greater ventilation, while remaining perfectly protected from the sun’s rays.

Add to that the very best Julbo technologies: a spherical screen and Minimalist Frame for XXL vision. Aerospace is available with all the Julbo photochromic technical screens: Zebra, Zebra light, Cameleon and Snow Tiger.

The ideal goggle for all those who want a maximum of ventilation during a great day’s skiing and no misting during breaks or in the cable car. 

Real comfort!

Universe : For skiing in the great outdoors

Size XL

This goggle is packed full of technical features. With its Minimalist Frame and maximum field of vision, Universe will completely free the rider’s angle of vision and capabilities.

Designed for average to large faces, it offers top quality with an extremely flexible and comfortable facial contact area and in-frame ventilation.

And because every detail counts, the finish is more than up to the job, resulting in a frame decorated with metal and multilayer embroidery. In other words, great art.

Quantum : Remarkable finishing

Size XL

The Quantum goggle is another great example of Minimalist Frame technology: less plastic for more vision!

With its slim frame, maximum field of vision from every angle is guaranteed.

For perfect comfort whatever the conditions, it combines a flexible facial contact area with excellent ventilation. And with its metal inserts and embroidery, it’s sure to be a hit both on the slopes and in the cable car!

Ison DLX : The Minimalist Frame for recreational skiers!

Size L+

This new extra-wide goggle offers a degree of quality never before seen at this level! 

First of all, the Minimalist Frame significantly widens the field of vision. And the Gum Strap ensures great hold.

But it’s also the screen with flash finish, the tricolour elastic band and the two-tone embroidery that make the Ison DLX a safe bet this winter.

Ison : The Minimalist Frame for recreational skiers!

Size L+

All of Julbo’s experience has been poured into Ison to make goggles that are great value for money.

Its Minimalist Frame and wide field of vision echo those of top of the range models.

While the graphics and intricate details make for a resolutely modern look - Ison is bound to make a splash in this price category!

Luna : Beauty of expression for commited female riders

Size M

Luna is for women who leave nothing to chance, whether it’s their performance or their look.

Available with all Julbo hightech lenses (Zebra, Zebra Light, Cameleon and Snow Tiger), it combines the best of our optical expertise with the latest advances in ergonomic design.

An ultra-wide field of vision thanks to its Minimalist frame, total ergonomic design, superb comfort with double density foam and an extended outrigger: nothing is left to chance!

Pushing its refinement to the limits with added metal and embroidery finishing, it has all the right ingredients for beautiful expression.


Pioneer : Technical excellence and style for small faces

Size M

Thanks to its Minimalist Frame, Pioneer allows small faces to enjoy an ultra-wide field of vision. Also available with a Polarized lens in addition to the Spectron, it offers excellent optical performance.

And with its assertive style, it’s clear that nothing has been left to chance.

Atmo: The Minimalist Frame for 4 to 8 years old

Size S

Julbo stays ahead of the competition with its creation of the first “big lens” goggle for juniors.

This avant-garde goggle with its Minimalist Frame has a wide field of vision and offers outstanding facial hold and a shape allowing perfect compatibility with helmets.

As if that wasn’t enough, it also has the Mini-cap: a special chassis shape that protects the spherical lens and stops it being scratched when kids are less than careful with their goggles.

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miroir de sports,le 04 February 2016
Bons produits. Je passe à l'achat
miroir de sports,le 04 February 2016
Bons produits. Je passe à l'achat

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