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The three finalists for Julbo White Session 2017

It can only remain one. Who will he be? Who will go to Iceland with Flo Orley and Manuela Mandl?

The three finalists for Julbo White Session 2017

Flo and Manuela had 43 videos to watch and analyze. They narrowed down to 3 riders. Problem is only one can go. Who will it be? Do you have a favorite? 
Tomorrow (march 2nd) we'll announce the luck one.

A big shoutout goes to all of you who took part. You all gave us some quality registration that made the choice very hard for Flo and Manu.  


Timm from Germany


#JulboWhiteSession #VolcanicKingdom, Timm Schröder from Timm Schröder on Vimeo.


Calum from Norway

#JulboWhiteSession #VolcanicKingdom Calum Macintyre from Calum Macintyre on Vimeo.


Andrejc from Slovenia


With the help of


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