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UTMF live 72h in Xavier's steps

Dive into Xavier's world as he prepares for UTMF.

UTMF live 72h in Xavier's steps

Episode 1 - Bib number checking and gear checking


Episode 1.5 - Start time delayed

The start time has been delayed, the racers have 2 hours to wait before the attack! Xavier enjoy a quiet moment in the cottage.


Episode 2 - Weather forecast plays on race format

The race is shortened to 49km because of the rain and bad conditions. How will the riders cope with this change of length ? They were prepared for 165km. 

Episode 3 - Xavier at the second place for the moment

The pace is fast, Xavier is second after 20km (almost half the race considering that it has been shorten to 49km). Com'on Xav' give it all.


Episode 4 - At 31km Xavier is second

Rain & night are not easy to cope with for our reporter!


Episode 5 - Back in the cosy cottage, testing local food

Xavier isn't afraid to try the local food. Enjoy your meal !


Episode 6 - Xavier decides to race STY

Ultra Trail Mont Fuji was raced on only 49km instead of the 165km initially planned. So Xavier decided to race the STY (76km).


Episode 7 - Plot twist ! Xavier don't finish the STY

Not feeling in shape and after racing a 46km sprint Xavier gives up. He prefers to keep his energy for the rest of the season. A decision many can understand because the weather was playing hard on the runners.


Epilogue - Last day in Japan

To get a closer look at Japan culture before heading back to France.

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