Check out the trailer, find tour dates and learn more about the movie and the riders.

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WAKING DREAM - Sam Favret & Pica Herry

The new movie "Waking Dream" starring the inseparable Sam Favret & Pica Herry is out for its European tour in theaters.

Check out the trailer, find tour dates and learn more about the movie and the riders.

WAKING DREAM - Sam Favret & Pica Herry


So Sam, after last year's BackYards, this year it's Waking Dream. What are the differences between the two films?

SAM : Backyards Project was about the variety of my skiing and the progress I've made; it's a kind of autobiography. Waking Dream focuses on some awesome steep slopes and sharing an experience between friends. In this film we put the emphasis on the mountains and tried to express our emotions in a poetic and vivid way.

Waking Dream takes place on the steep slopes of Chamonix. You built a base camp to shoot the film, how was that organised?

PICA : We built our base camp on the Argentière glacier, at the foot of the Améthystes glacier. What with the film crew and the people who came to help with logistics, there were 10 of us altogether, so: 3 photographers, 3 cameramen, 1 guide, 1 cook, plus Sam and me. We stayed there for five days altogether and came back when the weather turned bad.

SAM : We'd planned the base camp in advance. We'd earmarked the whole of May, after the closure of Grand Montets. It was great to go back to the Argentière basin when it was quiet.
We were lucky, because after a brief delay we targeted this window as soon as it became available, and since conditions change quickly at that time of year we weren't sure there'd be another opportunity.
We managed to fit in a few days of skiing in springlike conditions, which enabled us to complete the projects we wanted to do and where conditions were good, in particular Aiguille Qui Remue and Col de la Verte.

In terms of choosing faces, and deciding who was going to open up routes, did one of you act as a guide? And had you already skied down these slopes?

PICA : No, I don't feel like Sam's guide and I don't claim to be. When we're in the mountains together we divide tasks up equally, and try to make use of each of our skill sets according to the various situations we find ourselves in. The only face I'd already descended was the Pain de Sucre. All the others were new to me.

SAM : I think that it's important to be able to trust the people you're in the mountains with. It helps you stay calm and concentrated and ensures you always make the right decisions.  I have so much respect for Pica, not only as a person but also for his mountaineering experience. Because of that, I really enjoy spending time in the mountains with him. There are good vibes between us.  
It would be pretentious of me to say that there's nothing new I can learn from Pica, because I don't claim to be able to match his experience. It's quite the opposite; I'm enriched by his knowledge and it helps me progress in that sort of environment. Although, as time goes on we do tend to be sharing tasks equally, which makes us more efficient.
For me, all the lines we descended in this film were new.

Was there a particular face that stood out for you?

 PICA : What stood out most for me was probably the day we spent on the north face of the Peigne. It was an interesting cocktail of incertitude and solitude, with two very unusual lines weaving in and out of granite slabs in a slick sequence of snowy aerial ramps...

SAM : The face I was most impressed with aesthetically was Amône because of its amazing shape. The fact it's on the slopes of Mont Dolent makes it even more incredible. 
Technically speaking, I'd say the Peigne's north face is the most full-on outing I've done this winter in terms of difficulty of both ascent and descent, and in terms of discovery. It was a fantastic adventure into the unknown as we floated between the slabs of the Peigne.

Before you drop, you often say "see you soon". Is that a superstitious thing, because you're doing something crazy and you realise the risk you're taking?

PICA : We're not superstitious – it's more of a communication thing. We spend the entire day together, apart from some bend sequences where there'll be several hundred metres between us. When you're mountaineering, you're always roped up so you're at a maximum 50m or 60m apart. You rarely leave your partner's sight. In skiing, when you descend 300m in one go, you're completely separated from your rope partner for a few minutes. Those words are to let each other know we're together at least in spirit.

SAM : They're little words of enouragment that are always nice to hear, even though we know we'll see each other again before long.
During some descents we split up and there's distance between us. It's a way of giving your partner positive energy.

Have you got any anecdotes you can tell us from the film, the shoot or base camp?

PICA : There are countless anecdotes from the making of this film, from the first descent we did in summer conditions, where we wondered why we even had our skis on our feet, to the last slope which we did in perfect conditions, where we felt like we were in exactly the right place at the right time. But the best anecdote is definitely the panic we had at base camp when one of the mess tents nearly took off in the wind. We had to spend two hours outside in the storm reinforcing the moorings and building protective snow walls around the tents…

SAM : I'd just bought myself a drone and had used it a few times. One day we went to shoot some film on the north face of the Peigne to do some tracking. I wanted to use the opportunity to take a few pictures with my new toy. Unfortunately I hit the spur on the Aiguille du Plan's north face... When I went to pick my drone up a few minutes later it was sitting at the bottom smashed into several bits. 
I was still able to retrieve a few pictures, which helped us to gain a better understanding of some of the north face's key sections, where we opened two new routes a few weeks later...


WAKING DREAM is now touring all over Europe!

You can see it at a cinema near you – we promise you'll love it. We saw it on preview at the High Five Festival in Annecy, France. Put simply, it was epic.


Sunday 8 October: ANNECY (France) - High Five Festival
Monday 13 November: PARIS (France) - Palais des Congrés 
Wednesday 15 November: BRUXELLES (Belgium) - UGC de Brouckère
Wednesday 15 November : NANCY (France) - UGC Ladres  
Thursday 16 November: LILLE (France) - UGC Ciné Cité 
Thursday 16 November: STRASBOURG (France) - UGC Ciné Cité 
Monday 20 November: ANNECY (France) - Théâtre Bonlieu
Wednesday 22 & Thursday 23 November: LYON (France) - Cité Internationale 
Thursday 23 November: LE MANS (France) - Pathé Quinconces 
Friday 24 November: RENNES (France) - Cinéville
Saturday 25 November: CLERMONT-FERRAND (France) - Polydôme 
Monday 27 November: NANTES (France) - UGC Atlantis  
Monday 27 November: LONDON (UK) - Empire Haymarket
Monday 27 & Tuesday 28 November: CHAMBÉRY (France) - Pathé Les Halles 
Tuesday 28 November: BORDEAUX (France) - CGR Le Français
Wednesday 29 November: PAU (France) - Mega CGR 
Wednesday 29 November: SOUTHAMPTON (UK) - Vue Cinema Eastleigh
Thursday 30 November: LIEGE (Belgium) - Palais des Congrès
Thursday 30 November: TOULOUSE (France) - Gaumont Wilson
Monday 4 December: BIRMINGHAM (UK) - Vue Cinema Star City
Monday 4 December: CHARLEROI (France) - Pathé 
Monday 4 December: MARSEILLES (France) - Parc Chanot
Monday 4 December: GENEVA (Switzerland) - Bâtiment des Force Motrice
Tuesday 5 December: LAUSANNE (Switzerland) - Théâtre Beaulieu
Tuesday 5 December: MANCHESTER (UK) - Vue Cinema Printwork
Tuesday 5 December: NICE (France) - Pathé Masséna
Wednesday 6 December: LEEDS (UK) - Vue Cinema The Light
Wednesday 6 December: MARTIGNY (Switzerland) - Cinéma Casino
Thursday 7 December: FRIBOURG (Switzerland) - Cinéma Les Rex
Thursday 7 December: MONTPELLIER (France) - Mega CGR de Lattes 
Thursday 7 December: LIVERPOOL (UK) - Vue Cinema Birkenhead
Monday 11 December: GLASGOW (UK) - Vue Cinema Fort
Tuesday 12 December: EDINBURGH (UK) - Vue Cinema Omni Centre



Sam and Pica for Julbo

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