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What is best for running ?

Xavier Thevenard and other famous Julbo athletes give you a few hints for trail running.

What is best for running ?

Spring and warmer temperature make us running outside again. The season has begun for many professionnal but also for the amators, the gear is being review, shoes, GPS and Heart Rate monitor watches, hydratation packs, poles... and sunglasses!

Often wrongly thought of as a mere fashion accessory, sunglasses, beyond their style, can be a real performance aid.

One of the main criteria when choosing your pair of glasses for an ultramarathon should be the weight. The lighter the frame, the sooner you will forget about your glasses, meaning you can wear them comfortably from start to finish.

But in order to keep them on throughout the race, you also need lenses that adapt to the ambient light while protecting your eyes from UV rays. Photochromic, transitioning, adaptive, variable, changing lenses… Whatever you want to call them, they do the same thing: they allow you to take just one pair of sunglasses with you no matter how bright it is and whatever the weather!

Besides benefiting from optimal sun protection, it is also important to avoid any visual impairment caused, in particular, by perspiration. Our Zebra Light (cat. 1 to 3) photochromic lenses have an anti-fog coating on the inner surface.

And if you combine them with suspended lenses, you're sure to never encounter this problem!

Our athletes, Xavier Thévenard, Gediminas Grinius, Caroline Chaverot (to quote only them) have some favorite pairs. Check them out!


Xavier, what are your favorite Julbo glasses to run ?

Xavier Thevenard : I run a lot with the AERO glasses because they hold perfectly on your face and they are very comfortable, lightweight and stylish. I mostly use the photochromic lenses because that's what you need when you are outside from dawn till dusk. You have one lenses for all. So the AERO will come with me in Japan and I'll also take the POWELL for the moment I'm not running. 

Gediminas you seem to run with the AERO too ?

Gediminas Grinius : I have Aero with Spectron lenses, because of their cool look and fitting.They are very light so it gives a feeling that you are running without the glasses, but still have all the benefits of their performance. I like to race and train with the same sunglasses, because you must train as you fight! For leisure, I prefer Cortina in blue and green kind of classic / retro style.

Caroline, you don't wear the same as the two, don't you ?

Caroline Chaverot : I have several pair, the Venturi Zebra and Breeze Zebra light for training and racing; and I wear the Beach Spectron for leisure. I am quite addicted to sunglasses and I really don't like being in a sunny day without sunglasses. The photochromic lenses are great to cope with changes of light. If you enter in a dark forest coming from a sunny section, they'll help you to get used quite quickly to the light changes.

Discover all of our Julbo glasses and lenses for trail running.

Available lenses fo each frame are many. 

Zebra light (cat 1 to 3) is perfect for those who seek a "one for all" pair of glasses because they run all the time in all weathers. 

Spectron (cat 3) is for those who look for the darker protection who are running is sunny conditions and also for those who seek colorful lenses. 

Julbo Zephyr  Julbo Breeze      Julbo Aero 
Julbo Zephyr adjustable temples Julbo Breeze for women who run ! Julbo Aero the light as air. 
Julbo Race 2.0 Julbo Venturi  Julbo Aerolite
Julbo Race 2.0 company best seller for years Julbo Venturi the toughest   > Julbo Aerolite the lightest for thin faces


What do you use ? Do you have any reccomendation for others runners ?

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