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What kind of lenses to choose ?

Good vision is essential when sports combine speed with variable light levels, and we offers a range of technologies specially adapted to practising winter sports.

What kind of lenses to choose ?

Weather conditions in the mountains change

You get up the morning, the snow is falling, you begin your skiing session, she is still falling. But you few hours later : bright sunshine ! And a little bit later you change mountain and the bright getting again darker.The conditions change over the time and thoses problems happen often ...

How to do to protect your eyes, getting the well vision while your skiing session ?


Why use a photochromic lens rather than an interchangeable lens?

The climatic conditions change all over the day, your eyes need to be protected from the external elements.

  • Reactivity: conditions change quickly, but changing a lens takes time and you can't change your lens for each descent
  • Practicality: you always need to have your second lens with you and take off gear to change it.
  • Simplicity: changing a lens isn't simple, even with the most sophisticated systems.
  • Adaptability: there is no single lens for ever light condition.

We have developed the best photochromic technology on the market, guaranteeing high performance whatever the conditions.


Photochomic for Julbo?

70% of the information we process to guide our movements is visual. Ski goggles are therefore a tool that can really enhance performance. To allow every individual to ski comfortably  in all situations, we have developed the best photochromic technology on the market, guaranteeing high performance whatever the conditions. When you’re looking for the very best in vision, light-sensitive technology is a must.


Our expertise:

Using our expertise validated by experience in the field, we have developed a range of technical lenses superbly adapted to the needs of each type of user, regardless of the conditions encountered. With photochromic technology, polarization and tints, these lenses have demonstrated their excellence both on the slopes and in the lab.

With Zebra, Zebra Light, Cameleon and the new Snow Tiger, everyone can benefit from the very best technology and the greatest comfort when practising their sport.

Zebra: from shade to light

> Photochromic category 2 to 4
> Activation speed: changes from category 2 to 4 in 22 seconds
> Gold tint: excellent light receptivity and protection


Zebra Light: all weathers, all conditions

> Photochromic category 1 to 3
> Wide range of use
> Yellow tint: increased light receptivity

Zebra Light

Cameleon : from one extreme to the other

> Photochromic category 2 to 4
> Polarized: eliminates glare for better reading of relief
> Brown tint: protection and contrast enhancement


Snow Tiger : excellent visual comfort

> Photochromic category 2 to 3
> Glare Control filter
> Orange tint: improved contrast
> Fire multilayer coating

Snow Tiger


Now you can find new goggle!

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