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Which sunglasses should I choose for mountain biking?

The arrival of fine days and long evenings now mean you can get your mountain bike out of the garage more often. An essential piece of kit for any cyclist, here we will help you choose the best sunglasses to practice your favorite activity.

Which sunglasses should I choose for mountain biking?

Thanks to feedback from mountain bikers on the team such as Fabien Barel, Jérome Clémentz and François Bailly-Maitre, we continue to develop sunglasses specific to your needs and expectations.

Which frame should I choose for my sunglasses?

For mountain biking, we recommend:

  • a sufficiently vented frame so that air can circulate to prevent fogging on the lenses.
  • a frame that goes far enough around the face to protect your eyes from external annoyances (dust, mud, flies and midges, etc.) and from the lateral rays of the sun.
  • slim temples to fit easily under a helmet.
Fabien Barel

Which lenses should I choose for mountain biking?

Three types of lenses are available: from simple polycarbonate lenses (Spectron 3) to photochromic technical lenses (Zebra and Zebra Light) which get lighter or darker in response to light levels.

When mountain biking, you often go from shady woodland to areas of full sun. Unlike photochromic lenses, Spectron 3 lenses don't adapt to ambient light. For better visual comfort and practicality, we therefore recommend photochromic lenses: a single pair to deal with all weather conditions.

We have developed two types of photochromic lens for endurance sports: Zebra and Zebra Light.

The Zebra lens is photochromic and provides category 2 to 4 protection, while the Zebra Light lens goes from category 1 to 3. Their activation speed from the lowest to the highest range varies from between 22 and 28 seconds, one of the fastest on the market!  This means your lenses will adapt quickly to your environment.

Both these lenses also have an anti-fog coating as well as an external oil-repellent coating to facilitate water runoff and prevent marking. The brown color helps accentuate relief which is very useful on mountain trails.


Fabien Barel


Which is the right lens for you?

  • What's the main advantage of going for a photochromic lens rather than a Spectron 3 lens?

If you're going biking for a whole day, weather conditions can vary from one place to another, and you'll go from woodland trails to areas of full sun. So it's much more comfortable for the eyes to have lenses that adapt to different light levels.


  • Do you have sensitive eyes?

If yes, we recommend Zebra lenses: these lenses have the highest protection range


  • Do you bike in places where the sun is strong? (High altitude, desert, etc.)

If yes, Zebra lenses offer better protection in these environments


  • Do you regularly mountain bike early in the morning or at the end of the day when the sun is low?

If yes, it's better to go for Zebra Light lenses which have a lower photochromic range


  • Do you live in an area where light levels are high or low?

In the first instance, it's better to use the Zebra lens, and in the other the Zebra Light.


To finish, we've selected three sunglasses that are ideal for mountain biking:



Dirt 2.0

Aero : mountain bike mtb sunglasses Armor : mountain bike mtb sunglasses Dirt 2.0 : mountain bike mtb sunglasses

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Check out our "Speed" range of sunglasses which have been designed for endurance sports.

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