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Which sunnies for sailing this summer? Take advice from Julbo's pro athletes

The sun's out, the sea's calm and the summer holidays are on the horizon... All the conditions are right for an expedition on the water, whether on a board or a boat. But before taking to the seas, like any good sailor, you'll need to check you've got the right sunglasses for you. Just after a Julbo team meeting in Brittany, we held the mic out to three of our athletes who are experts in their field: Charline Picon (windsurfing), Jonathan Lobert (dinghy sailing) and Fabien Delahaye (liveaboard sailing). Check out their pro advice below... And soak it all up!

Which sunnies for sailing this summer? Take advice from Julbo's pro athletes



Charline Picon: "If you do an intense sport, where you're likely to sweat, I'd recommend an open model with no lower frame to prevent fogging. And if you're going to have lots of water splashing on your face, I'd go for wraparound sunglasses. In windsurfing, it's a mix of the two. Whatever you end up doing, you'll need a good technical frame!  The new REGATTA is a great solution for these issues!"

Charline Picon discovering a Regatta prototype during the team meeting


Jonathan Lobert: "When you're level with the water as I am on a big boat, the conditions and what you need are obviously different. But whatever the circumstances, I'd say it's important to feel really comfortable with your sunglasses. They shouldn't cause any interference with what you're doing. So make sure you try several different pairs."

Fabien Delahaye: "For me, glasses that stay firmly on your face and head are essential, so they won't fall off when you go inside the boat and put them on your forehead. The Race 2.0 model is ideal for a small face like mine. It's light and ergonomically designed. I can't feel them and at the same time I feel well protected from the sun. Not a shaft of sunlight gets through!"


Race 2.0 – Queen of the seas.

This is the frame that Armel Le Cléac'h took with him around the world on the 2016 Vendée Globe. The rounded, panoramic shape offers extra-wide vision all the way to the horizon. Vented lenses guarantee elimination of fogging. The 3D Fit Nose and Grip Tech temples mean they'll stay in place even when the going gets rough. And with their floating cord, they'll be easy to fish out if you make a wrong move.

Selfie during Vendée Globe 2016



CP: "Personally, I prefer the Polarized lens which is ideal for reading a body of water where the wind's very changeable and where you need to find the best breeze. But I haven't yet tested the new Octopus photochromic lens, and I've heard lots of good things about it..."


FD: "The Octopus lens is perfect for sailing when the weather's bright and you're spending a long time on deck or at the helm. The fact that the shade of the lens adapts to the light is really great; it makes colors superb, brings out contrast and improves clarity. It's a real comfort. And because the lens is polarized, it eliminates intrusive glare. Good lens quality is essential to see and perform well in any situation."




CP: "I really like Beach. It's been specially sized for small spaces and so is perfect for women, and comes in a range of fashionable colors. In the language of Olympic sailing, we call it the "parking" model! Along the same lines, I think the Megeve is really cool."

JL:"In recent times I've been wearing the Cortina a lot. JI like the slightly quirky and fun feel. I think they're brilliant glasses. And then there's Coast pfor people who don't want to be too loud! Whatever you end up with, it's definitely true that style counts, especially if your sunglasses are used for leisure activities."

FD: "I really like Powell, with its slightly square, modern and light shape, the different shades available and the pop of vibrant color. The frame is comfortable to wear. And with the shiny Spectron lens, you won't go unnoticed on the pontoons!"


Franck Cammas during Julbo Sail Sessioin with the Powell.



CP: "To allow water to run off the lens properly, you can use washing-up liquid or a windscreen product to degrease the lens. It works pretty well!"

JL: "I often use a visor when sailing. It limits glare on the water, and when you lower your head, it prevents spray and keeps the lens clean and dry for longer."

FD: "Julbo cleaning wipes are a very effective way of caring for glasses properly. I can highly recommend them!"



CP : « RXTrem prescription lenses! I'm lucky I don't have to wear glasses, but for those who do, being protected from the sun is good, and seeing clearly is even better!"

JL: "Floating sunglasses like the Wave or new Regatta are really useful, given the cost of frames these days. Sadly, when we're competing we can't go back and look for them!"

FD: "The possibility of wearing goggles when the conditions are really wet! They allow you to see clearly when you're getting a drenching on the boat..."


Family picture with the sailing team during the team meeting in Brittany in april 2017. Even if some big names couldn't join us, you have here a big load of champions! Can you name them?





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