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Wild Siberia by Anna Khankevich

To start the season, I had a great trip in Siberia. Of course this part of the world is huge and lot of good places but this one is more know thanks to Baikal Lake. It's the biggest reserve of fresh water, deeper and certainly with the clearest one! Very nice place even if tourists are going there much more during summer time (by Tran Siberian) instead of winter.

Wild Siberia by Anna Khankevich

The difficulties of the place (poor tourism infrastructure, very cold) is compensated by an incredible experience in wild space and lot of fresh snow!

I visited 2 parts during my trip, that I started middle of October. At this period, it was already enough snow to ski without problem. There are no ski lifts and all parts are accessible by ski tour. Only some pioneer skied there during last 20 years.

1st place, east of lake: BARZUGIN
This place is really alpine, with steep runs & couloirs with usual tops at 2500 m.

2nd place, south of lake: HAMAR DABAN - MAMAY
Certainly the most "popular" place, at around 4 hours of car from Irkutsk This place is very interested, like a circus, and with current big snow falls. Due to the situation (15km from the lake), there is like oceanic climate.

All these places are very nice but people should know that, even if it's not so far from civilization, there is no connection (mobile or internet) and no hotel as European standards. But finally that's why also they are so interesting places!

Skiing there would give you special emotions, completely wild and with all types of terrains. The only danger is that because of these big snowfalls, snow is even unstable and not rare to have avalanches. You should be really careful in the choice of terrain but as mentioned previously, you can have also perfect ski days in forest for example.

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