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Women ride too.

The first snowflakes have arrived ! It's time to get the right gear for your winter, ladies.

Women ride too.

At Julbo we like active women, wether in ski freeride, in skicross or in snowboard, we have a top-women-athletes Team, with names like Alizée Baron, Caroline Gleich and Romy Chapotte. They give us very valuable feedback from the field. 


The goggles frame

It is important to find a frame that will fit your face and your helmet, to avoid that gorby gap, as Alizée Baron explains :

"I believe a pair of goggles for women is chosen for its fit and then for its colors. A woman's face can be smaller than a man's. So sometimes it can be hard to find a pair of goggles that avoid the oh-so-annoying gorby gap (NB : a space between the helmet and the goggles that expose the skin to the cold and the wind, you want to avoid that, belive us!) Then color matters, we don't want a too sad pair of goggles or an unmatch with our outfit...!" 

For every face, there is a solution, Romy Chapotte explains why she likes the Equinox goggles :

"I like to ride with the Equinox because it had a great field of vision, while staying thin and not invasive on the face. The design is feminine. I use a polarized lense, it's great. You know what they said... "qui voit pas bien, fini dans les sapins ! " (he/she who does not clearly see, finishes in the threes !) " 


The goggles lenses

We offer all Julbo technologies of lenses for the women goggles. There are many different types to answer all of mountains weather conditions. We have some "standard" lenses, we have photochromic lenses that will adapt to the intensity of the sun. Many of the lenses are polarized. It will eliminate all the parasistic reflects from the snow, it's a true asset if you don't want to hug the threes !

For the lenses Romy Chapotte advises :

"The Snow-Tiger ! I love this lense that is photochromic and polarized. It's really great for all conditions (good or bad it adapts) and the "mirror-fire" look is awesome. 

The Zebra is also a good choice because it is photochromic therefore will adapt to the forecast. It has the greatest range of category (from 2 to 4) that makes it an pure all-rounder. "One lense is all you need" as we say at Julbo ! "

Our solutions

At Julbo we have many different sizes and shape to fit everyone women face and demand. Click on the link to find out all about the model: the size (M, L, XL, minimalist frame...), type of lenses (photochromic, polarized...) and of course... the colors!

Julbo Elara Julbo Equinox Julbo Luna
> Julbo Elara > Julbo Equinox > Julbo Luna
Julbo Pioneer Julbo Eclipse Julbo Bang Next
> Julbo Pionner > Julbo Eclipse > Julbo Bang Next


Some action shot because women shred too!


Julbo Equinox Julbo Equinox
 Traîne Ta Grolle crew, hiking up with Equinox goggles.  Romy Chapotte hurtling down with the Equinox.


Alizée Baron freestyling the race with a Bang Next - (c) Gilles Baron

Caroline Gleich Freeriding with the Elara goggles

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