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Stevie Kremer

/ Trail running


2014-2015 Running Highlights

*2015 1st Buffalo Stampede, Bright, Australia
*2014 SkyRunner World Champion
*1st Zegama- Azikorri
Sky Running Marathon, Spain
*2nd VK Mont Blanc
*3rd Mont Blanc Marathon, France
(*1st Combined World Champion)
*1st Sierre Zinal Mountain Race, Switzerland
*1st Matterhorn Ultraks Marathon, Switzerland
*2nd Limone Extreme, Italy
*1st Mourne Sky Race, Ireland
*1st Lantau Peaks, Hong Kong

With JULBO...

The reason I turned to Julbo was initially because Marshall turned me on to the lenses. A lot of times during a run, it starts sunny, then gets cloudy, or vice versa. So when he introduced me to the zebra lens, and I haven't worn another pair since. Then once I started with Julbo, I think the attention and support you give me, as an athlete, is hard to come by. I really feel like you care about your athletes and that is a huge perk for me.

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