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Which sunglasses should I choose for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB®)?

Have you chosen your sunglasses for UTMB® yet? It doesn't matter if you are after a simple fashion accessory or a real performance aid: we are here to help you choose your frame and lenses.

Which sunglasses should I choose for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB®)?

The start of the annual trail race, taking place in Chamonix from August 28th to September 3rd 2017, is rapidly approaching. Whether it is the goal for your season or a the goal of a lifetime, trail running is a demanding, tough and technical discipline for everyone. So all of your equipment needs to live up to that!

Often wrongly thought of as a mere fashion accessory, sunglasses, beyond their style, can be a real performance aid.

One of the main criteria when choosing your pair of glasses for an ultramarathon should be the weight. The lighter the frame, the sooner you will forget about your glasses, meaning you can wear them comfortably from start to finish.

But in order to keep them on throughout the race, you also need lenses that adapt to the ambient light while protecting your eyes from UV rays. Photochromic, transitioning, adaptive, variable, changing lenses… Whatever you want to call them, they do the same thing: they allow you to take just one pair of sunglasses with you no matter how bright it is and whatever the weather!

Besides benefiting from optimal sun protection, it is also important to avoid any visual impairment caused, in particular, by perspiration. Our Zebra (cat. 2 to 4) and Zebra Light (cat. 1 to 3) photochromic lenses have an anti-fog coating on the inner surface.

And if you combine them with suspended lenses, you're sure to never encounter this problem!


Where necessary, our technical sunglasses can also be adapted to suit your vision. If you know your prescription, simply enter it here to find out which frames can be adapted to your vision.


Here is our selection of light, technical sunglasses, an absolute must for guaranteeing good vision at any time during any of the five UTMB® races.


Light as air.

Weight: 26g

Sunglasses for the UTMB



Design to be forgotten.

Weight: 22g

Sunglasses for the UTMB



100% feminine et 100% performance

Weight: 34g

Sunglasses for the UTMB



For those who like to go further

Weight: 33g

Sunglasses for the UTMB



New vision for trail running

Weight: 30g

Sunglasses for the UTMB


Check out our limited edition UTMB® sunglasses to celebrate trail running




Comments (2)

mahot,le 08 July 2016

avez vous un modele adapter a ma vue ( avec clip optique ou verre a ma vue ) pour pratique du trail ( inscrit TDS 2016 )

œil droit -4.50 +1.75 170 2.25
œil gauche -4.75 +2.00 170 2.25

merci de votre reponse
Julbo,le 11 July 2016
Bonjour Mahot, nous vous invitons à utiliser notre sélecteur RX pour découvrir quel modèle serait disponible à votre vue :
Bien à vous.

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