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11 Things to Know About Our Photochromic Zebra Lens

11 Things to Know About Our Photochromic Zebra Lens

11 Things to Know about our Zebra Lens


The Zebra lens is our best all-around photochromic lens. It does well in the shade and offers superb protection when things get super bright, either mountaineering or trail running in open, sunny terrain. Here’s a short list of everything you need to know about our Zebra lens.


1. The Zebra lens is not the same as our Zebra Light lens. The Zebra lens transitions from category 2-category 4 (VLT 42%-7%) whereas the Zebra Light lens transitions from category 1-category 3 (VLT 80%-16%). It’s easy to get the two confused but just remember one is “lighter” than the other.


2. All of our photochromic performance sunglass lenses (Zebra, Zebra Light, Camel) have an anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens. Keep it clean with any kind of anti-grease soap, rinse with warm water and you’ll be fog-free for the lifetime of the sunglasses.


3. The Zebra Lens is the only photochromic lens in our line that is Super High Reactive (SHR), which means it transitions between category 2 and category 4 (VLT 42%-7%) the fastest out of all of our lenses, roughly 18 seconds.


4. The photochromic technology Julbo uses in each of its lenses is actually built into the lens so you can’t scratch it off, and it will never stop transitioning. We guarantee it with our Lifetime Warranty.


5. So what does photochromic mean? It means that our lenses will transition for you when you travel between light and dark or dark to light terrain. The Zebra lens transitions from category 2 to category 4 lens tint (VLT 42%-7%). You don’t need to change out lenses, our photochromic lenses do the work for you in less time than it would take your to stop, pull out your interchangeable lenses, make the switch and put everything away.


6. The best uses for the Zebra lens? Just about anything. Whether it’s mountain biking in and out of fields and trees or alpine climbing in overcast weather. The Zebra lens tackles it all. That’s why you can find it in both our Performance sunglasses range and our Mountain sunglasses range.


7. All of Julbo’s photochromic sunglass lenses (Zebra, Zebra Light, Camel, Octopus) are activated by the sun’s UV rays and protect your eyes from 100% A,B and C UV rays.


8. The mud and the rain doesn’t stand a chance against our lenses. We’ve added a super durable (guaranteed) hydrophobic coating to the outside of the lens that repels oil and sheds water for peace of mind when conditions start to get hairy.


9. The Zebra lens has a brown tint to it that makes it a high-contrast lens to accentuates the terrain so you can read obstacles safer while moving quickly.


10. All of our performance lenses are completely shatter proof and highly scratch resistant. You can run them over or even take a sledge hammer to them and they will not break. The material used in each lens is the same material used in helicopter windshield so rest assured your eyes will be protected from the elements.


11. We guarantee all the information above with our Lifetime Warranty. For the lifetime of the product it will work as designed or we will fix or replace your sunglasses at no charge.

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