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11 Things to know about our Spectron Polycarbonate lenses

11 Things to know about our Spectron Polycarbonate lenses

Julbo Spectron polycarbonate lenses are very well adapted for outdoor sports. They are light but offer good impact resistance. Here's a short list of everything you need to know about our Spectron Polycarbonate lenses.


1- We offer six different types of spectron polycarbonate lenses.  The Spectron 3/3+/3CF are versatile and suitable for all sports, while the Spectron 4 guarantees a high level of protection in the mountains and the Polarized 3 and 3+ provide a really clear vision.


2 - All of our Spectron Polycarbonate lenses offer an extreme suns UV ray's protection (VLT from 13% to 5% depending on the lenses).


 3 - All of our Spectron Polycarbonate lenses are completely shatterproof and made with ballistic material used for helicopter windshields. You can run it over, smash it with a hammer, drop them from a 50 story building, they won’t break.


4 - The spectron 3, spectron 3+ and spectron 3 CF are slightly different.  These three different spectrons provide the same sun protections. (VLT 13% for the spectron 3 and VLT 12% for the Spectron 3+ or 3 CF).  However the Spectron 3+ produces a mirror effect on the lens to improve filtration of visible light and the Spectron 3 CF is more stylish thanks to the multiplayer flash mirror. Spectron 3 lenses are perfect for performance sports.


5- The Spectron 4 (VLT 5%) is similar to the Spectron 3+, but provides maximum protection against dazzling sun in conditions of strong reverberation with the use of an anti-reflective coating.  This anti-reflective coating reduces eyestrain and eliminates interference glare. Spectron 4 lenses are perfects for mountain activities.


 6 - The polarizing filter of the Polarized 3 (VLT 12%) and Polarized 3+ (VLT 11%) eliminate the glare from water surface snow or windshield for a better and clear vision. The Polarized filter 3+ produces the same mirror effect as the Spectron 3+ to improve the filtration of visible light.


7 - Spectron 3 and Polarized lenses are appropriate for driving but Spectron 4 is not recommended for driving because the lens is extremely dark.


 8- Every Polycarbonate lenses can be use for mountains, performance or water sports. You will choose your lens depending of your light sensibility.


9 - If you wonder why you don't have a clear vision when getting into the woods or when the weather is cloudy, it is because Spectron Polycarbonate lenses are not photochromic and will not transition for you from light to dark or from dark to light.


10 - Our lenses and frames come with our lifetime warranty so rest assured that if anything goes wrong with Julbo’s eyewear, we’ll take care of and defect. Unfortunately we don’t cover scratched lenses from overuse or misuse.


11 - A special baby lens is available at Julbo. The Spectron 4 baby provides a maximum protection against Sun's UV rays. 

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