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9 Things to Know About Our Camel Lens

If you’re looking for a photochromic performance lens that’s going to give you some serious protection in the mountains, our Camel lens is the one for you.

9 Things to Know About Our Camel Lens


Our Camel lens is the ultimate mountaineering, alpine climbing lens that blocks the sun’s harmful rays, cuts snow glair and keeps your eyes from burning in extreme environments. Our Camel lens has been used to conquer peaks from Everest to Rainer. Here are a few features and tech specs about the Camel lens you might not have known about.

1. The Camel lens is non-temperature sensitive. It will transition (VLT 5-20% / Category 2 to 4) from light to dark and dark to light in about 25 seconds regardless of how cold or hot it is.

2. In the mountains, especially on snow and glaciers, the sun can cast intense glares so we’ve fully polarized the Camel lens.

3. We’ve added an oil-repellent layer so it will shed rain or any moisture you may encounter in the alpine zone.

4. Our Camel lens comes with an exceptional anti-fog coating that fights moisture and condensation on the lens. Pro tip: If you sweat or have oil buildup on your lenses, be sure to wash it with a little dish soap and warm water, it’ll wash away any buildup from sweat.

5. All of our photochromic lenses are completely shatterproof and made with ballistic material used for helicopter windshields. You can run it over, smash it with a hammer, drop them from a 50 story building, they won’t break.

6. Our lenses and frames come with our lifetime warranty so rest assured that if anything goes wrong with Julbo’s eyewear, we’ll take care of and defect. Unfortunately we don’t cover scratched lenses from overuse or misuse.

7. If you’re driving with them on and wondering why you’re still squinting, it’s because our Camel lens is UV activated and your vehicle windshield has a protective UV layer, preventing the Camel lens from transitioning. 

8. The Camel lens is the darkest photochromic lens Julbo makes.

9. We also offer several ski goggles available with our Camel lens.

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