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Andrew Drummond Breaks White Mountain Direttissima FKT

Andrew Drummond Breaks White Mountain Direttissima FKT

Last week Andrew Drummond cruised into the unsupported fastest known time record (FKT) of the White Mountain Direttissim in 5 days 23 hours, 58 minutes (check out his Strava data here). An incredible test of mental and physical endurance! While you try and wrap your head around how his legs managed, here's a small photo gallery of his time on the trail. Enjoy!

Photos and Words courtesy Andrew Drummond

The goal of this project was to share my experience with friends and strangers both on the trail and through social media. Here I had a crew briefly meet up on the stretch between Kinsmans and Lonesome Lake. There's something special about sharing the trail with others and I was grateful for moments of both companionship and solitude.

The Views! This is why we hike, to give ourselves the opportunity to see the mountains in their best light.

Enjoying fresh legs descending Moosilauke (1st summit).

More incredible views!

This was one of the more spectacular visuals of the hike. Clouds had moved in and there were thunderstorms in the forecast. I expected the worst but instead was treated to clearing skies and an unforgettable light show as viewed from Bondcliff. I'd spend the next day navigating those peaks in the far distance.

My route allowed me to drop my heavy pack and go light and fast. There's very little runnable terrain on my route through the Whites so when I saw flat, soft ground I took full advantage of it.

Pausing for views on the Mount Carrigain fire tower. Here's Mount Washington in the Clouds which I'd later summit exactly 24 hours later. The ability to travel so far in 24 hour periods gave an entirely new perspective on the White Mountains.

Fueling up under the guidance of my training partner, Squall (a 2 year old Australian shepherd).

The alpine zone makes hiking easy because the views keep you distracted from the building discomfort. Here I dropped pack to do an out and back to Mount Isolation.

Done! I raced to the Trail Head with Bill Tidd who I had never met but saw my story online and came and joined for the last push to Cabot. I didn't think I could make it down in time to duck under the 6 day mark but I gave it everything (sacrificing my feet in the process) to make it down to the trailhead with two minutes to spare. What's funny about this picture is that we had to walk TWO MORE MILES to our cars since there's a gate that's locked until 8:30am because there's a fish hatchery onsite. I guess the pizza tasted that much better.

A proper breakfast at the Sunrise Shack on the way home.


Andrew Drummond is a New Hampshire based athlete and enjoys sharing his experiences in the mountains as much as possible. Connect with him on Facebook, Instagram and on Snapchat: @sr_drummond

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