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Catching Up with Krissy Moehl

Catching Up with Krissy Moehl

Krissy was able to spare a bit of her time amidst planning the 25th anniversary Chuckanut 50k, we caught up with her to see what her 2017 season looks like after the craziness of Chuckanut calms down.

The Chuckanut 50k is around the corner—next weekend—what keeps you excited about putting it on every year, and how many years old does this make the event?

We are celebrating the 25th Anniversary this year, and this will be my 15th year as race director. I had no idea when I took this on that it would become one of the most consistent pieces of my life for so long! I love it for many reasons. I have the opportunity to work in an awesome community and always seem to attract top notch coRDs and volunteers that make the day a ton of fun and the effort sustainable. Something I’ve been talking about this week is that I am drawn to what we are able to create. We were walking around Fairhaven Park (the start/finish) yesterday and I love looking at the blank slate and envisioning all that will be going on there on race day. I know on race day I’ll look around in awe of how the community pulls together each year - its enough to keep me coming back :)… that and seeing the finishers faces. Chuckanut was my first ultra and I love witnessing the look on peoples faces when they accomplish something they previously didn’t think was possible. When I think of the PNW, I think about green, mossy, wet trees.

What's the Chuckanut terrain and course like, and does it stay the same every year?

We’ve had sun (believe it or not), snow, sideways rain, crazy winds… each year is unique when it comes to weather. The course has generally stayed the same over the years. We are back to the original course this year, starting and finishing at Fairhaven Park. This creates a few differences, but it is basically the same.

After the Chuckanut, do you have any goals or races you're working towards this season? Going back to the Cascade Crest?

I am excited to run the West Coast Trail later this summer. - personal goal I am also looking forward to coaching at a number of running camps this summer. RunWild Retreats & Wellness sending me to the Swiss Alps with a group of women to run hut to hut. I’ll join the Mazamas again for the run around Mt. Hood as a coach of their ultrarunning camp And we are putting together a women’s run camp here in Bellingham to share this awesome corner of the PNW!

What do you try and focus on the most when you're teaching and talking at your camps?

I love sharing the trails with people and all that running has and can offer. Running has been such a constant in my life for so many years I love the idea that someone might create a similar relationship with running. What usually comes out of these camp experiences is that I learn a ton from the people that attend. :)

Your book, Running Your First Ultra, came out last year and you went on a pretty sizable book tour. Anymore stops this year? How did things go last year and do you have plans for another book in the future?

Most recently, and some exciting news is that Running Your First Ultra sold rights and is being translated into Chinese! We should see this version soon. I would love to do a few more stops this year and have a couple lined up in Wenatchee with their run group & film fest as well as in Vancouver BC.

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