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Meet the Dorais Brothers

Meet the Dorais Brothers

Photo: Louis Arevalo
By: David Crothers

If you don’t know the who the Dorais brothers are, you’re about to find out. Earlier this year, I shot Andy and Jason an e-mail asking them to interview each other about how they manage to keep such a solid relationship when they’re constantly competing with one another in the mountains. What I received from them was pure gold. And after hanging with these guys only a couple times, following their shenanigans on social media, this conversation makes perfect sense and their voices ring clearly in my head. 

So, who are the Dorais brothers? And which one’s Andy? Which one’s Jason? They’ll have you fooled within minutes of meeting them, and take pride in it, too. But, for real, these two brothers are incredibly talented skimo racers, runners, bikers and perhaps trollers as well, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Just tell me which one’s which. —David Crothers


Andy and Jason Dorais here. We've been asked to talk a little about our relationship and how we remain friends in spite of being competitive with each other. Even though this is an awkward conversation, we figured we'd just ask each other to get to the bottom of it. 

Andy: So, I guess to start off, how long have you wanted to be me?

Jason: Whatever.

Andy: I'm serious, you have done everything I have. Track, football, college, med school, becoming an ER doc, skiing, climbing...the list goes on. 

Jason: Not true. I did all those things because dad did them first. 

Andy: Whatever.

Jason: Well, maybe you did them first, but I did them better. 

Andy: Just the way I like it. 

Jason: Huh?

Andy: Yeah, it's good when you excel at something because it shows me that I will have a chance of being good at it too. 

Jason: It definitely helps to have someone to work through the learning curve of these sports. 

Andy: Good segue, give everyone a little background about how terrible we used to be at skiing. 

Jason: Well, if anyone has ever seen the website "Jerry of the Day", that was us. We grew up in Indiana and didn't start skiing until we were in med school and could take our student loan money to buy gear and passes. We were both in school in the midwest but had family in Utah. We skied for a couple years at Alta and Snowbird but didn't really love it. 

Andy: Yep, there wasn't any adventure at the resorts. It almost didn't even feel like being in the mountains, at least in the sense that we were used to while climbing. But, once some of our friends introduced us to backcountry skiing, we were completely captivated. 

Jason: From that point on, we were out skiing every day, slowing distancing ourselves from our "Jerry selves". 

Andy: So why do you think we've never fought each other beyond typical bickering. I mean, our disagreements have never come to blows. 

Jason: Because you know I'd kick your ass. 

Andy: You!? Ha! You're a mini me. I don't think it would work out that way. 

Jason: Seriously? I think it's probably because we've always had the same goals and have been working toward them together. 

Andy: Fair enough. It seems like one of us is always psyched enough to motivate the other. And, we don't want to let the other down in a sense. You don't bail on plans cause you know I'd be pissed and vice versa. 

Jason: It also helps that we've been similarly matched physically and skill-wise. 

Andy: Yeah, at least close enough. You've been faster at aerobic stuff but I've been close enough that you can't slack off or I'd beat you and then never let you hear the end of it. The fact that you're pushing it also makes me stay a little more honest and keep trying. 

Jason: It does help that we've both been getting faster over the years. Definitely keeps the motivation high. 

Andy: So, I think this discussion was supposed to be called "What it takes". So what does it take? 

Jason: To do what? 

Andy: I don't know, to train to try and be good at something along side someone that looks and thinks like you do? 

Jason: Right, let's make a list. We already touched on the first point. There needs to be a common goal. Whether it's a goal for the day, or a more long term goal like being able to ski Mount Blanc from Chamonix in a day. 

Andy: Good one. Let's make that a goal for this year. I'll add that it's important to be accountable to the other. 

Jason: And always psyched.

Andy: Yep, and willing to do your share of the work and than some to make the mission that time when you were sick and I put the whole booter in up Split Mountain. 

Jason: YOU were the sick one!

Andy: Irrelevant. My point stands. 

Jason: Another big point is to be just as excited for the other when they have individual success. 

Andy: Exactly. We mentioned that earlier. If one of us does something well, it just raises the team. The other will get there. 

Jason: Ok, enough talk. The last point is to never punch each other in the face. 

Andy: Ha! Yeah, that was a rule we had growing up. We could fight and bicker but punching each other in the face was off limits. 

Jason: And that's the key to a good relationship!

Jason and Andy are both ER doctors currently living the dream in the Wasatch and having the winter of a lifetime. You can typically find them in the Aero, Dust and skiing in the Aerospace, likely wearing the same colors.

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