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Sam Favret's Ice Call Film

In his movie "Backyard", Sam Favret rides the infamous "Mer de Glace" in Chamonix. Check the film out below with some exclusive images from the making of the video.

Sam Favret's Ice Call Film


Focus on the mesmerizing Ice Call part


Is this skiing-on-ice sequence a world first?

I’ve never seen any such long part on ice in previous ski movie. I think it’s safe to call “Ice Call” a world first. I wanted to shoot it for many years but I always knew it would take a lot of time to get all the scenes. 


How did you come up with the idea?

By walking, climbing over and over again in the area of “La mer de glace” it came to me and I knew we had to do something with skis on this ice. It fascinated me for as long as I can remember.


How long did it take to set everything up (the line, the kickers, the shooting…)?

It took us two winters, lot of team work, sweat, tears… I'll let you picture it. We had to pay attention to every single details: the light, the coordination between the cameraman and I, the fact that we had to leave it as natural as possible.


Do you have a story to share about the making?

The hardest part was to realize that the last picture of the sequence, where I got out of the cave to slide on the vertical wall. I needed the speed.
We dragged a motorized cable up in the cave to get some traction and speed. But the winch never functioned!
We tried a different technique…a bungee! It took us several times to get the tension we wanted. We had to wear ice crampons in order to stay still on the ice. For two days we rehearsed it to have the perfect pictures we wanted.



How did the tour it go?

The tour went really well, we covered 45 dates. Although I could not be on every tour stop I went to the most important ones.
This tour allowed us to realize that we made a good movie and that we could be proud of the work we accomplished.
After two years of shooting, a full summer of editing we were having the hardest time to detach from it. Being demanded and having touched the public gave a great boost.

Where did you have the warmest welcome?

The movie has been appreciated on every stop but if I had to choose I would say Chamonix, London, Annecy and Quebec.


Did you received any award?

We had the « best picture » award at the Winter Film Festival and « best freeride movie » at the International Free Ride Film Festival (Cauterets, France)


Sam Favret Backyards Sam Favret Backyards
Sam Favret Backyards Sam Favret Backyards

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