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Switch it Up: Stevie Kremer Stores the Running Shoes for the Winter

Switch it Up: Stevie Kremer Stores the Running Shoes for the Winter

I love running, especially running on trails in the mountains; but after a few years of running on snow packed roads I got bored of running and knew I had to find a way to keep my love of going up and down alive. That's when I discovered ski mountaineering.  It's running in the mountains, in the winter, with skis! 

My reasons for swapping sneakers for skis in the winter:

4. Less Impact

Ski mountaineering is a great compliment to trail running in the winter because, not only is it another way to go up and down mountains, but, it's a way to do it without all the impact of running. You can go as steep as you want both up and down, and intervals are a great way to get stronger and faster for running and ski mountaineering.


With ski mountaineering, you can climb mountains like you wouldn't believe.  Skis and skins can take you to places you never thought possible in the winter.  Also, because the downhill is quicker on skis, you can get even more vertical feet in than if you were just running! 

2. Downhill Skiing

There's no better reward when peaking out, than by skiing downhill.  It's faster, smoother and exhilarating and you feel like you earned your turns.  And no snow is too much (except be avalanche aware)! 

1. Keeps things exciting

By changing up activities, it keeps what you're doing fun and trail running never gets old, nor does ski mountaineering.  When the snow starts falling, I'm ready to put away the running shoes, and as soon as the white stuff begins to melt, the running shoes are pulled right out again. You never feel burned out by one sport because the next one is just around the corner.

You can almost certainly run into Stevie on any given day in the mountains around Crested Butte, Colorado. Follow along with her skimo and running adventure on Facebook and Instagram. You'll find Stevie in the Breeze, Aero and the Aerospace goggle.

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