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Things to remember from UTMB® 2017.

We love the UTMB. This event is probably the most anticipated of all our events. On one hand there are the top athletes racing but there are also several Julbo employees who take part to the race. And, on the other hand, the expo area is exciting because it’s the perfect place to meet our fans, customers and listen to their feedback. Julbo held a lounge for VIP and also a now unmistakable evening the “Thank God I’m Not Racing” party. Chamonix week is full of emotions. A special edition of AERO and AEROLITE sunglasses were made in honor of UTMB®. Needless to say ambitions were high for 2017 and it’s safe to say that the Jura-based brand reached them.

Things to remember from UTMB® 2017.



Michel Lanne won on Wednesday night the TDS® (119 km  / 7200m+) in 14 hours and 33 minutes. Followed by Sylvain Camus who pulled the race of his life to end up 2nd. The atmosphere at the finish line was electric.
Michel Lann took time to chat with Julbo the next morning. Must-read interview:

On women’s side Maud Gobert took 2nd after a great race where she got was under control all along.  She was clearly happy about it and fell into the speaker’s arms at the finish for a big hug.


Michel Lanne Julbo UTMB


Michel Lanne, TDS® winner, clearly happy.  


The mythic race held all its promises. Never in the history of the event has the runners line-up been so strong. The Julbo Athlete, Xavier Thevenard ended up 4th. The epic final kilometers he ran shows that he is right where he belongs among the world’s best.

Not far behind Xavier, Dylan Bowman (Julbo USA) and Gediminas Grinius ended up 7th and 8th.

Andrea Huser made of nerves crack. She had a 40 minutes gap on the first women. She managed to close it to 2 and a half minute in the end of the race. She came in the street of Chamonix literally sprinting. The celebration was quite emotional when she arrived after 25 hours and 49 minutes fight in the cold and under the rain… Andrea told us the day before the race that she was quite afraid of the weather, that she doesn’t cope well with the cold. She took her precautions and was actually wearing mittens! Looks like she handled her race well as she was in a much better shape in Vallorcine (Km 156) than Nuria Picas.


Andrea Huser Julbo UTMB

Andrea Huser in Chamonix. Emotions were strong.


Four of our work mates took part ot OCC® race (56km / 3500m+).

Maud, Flavien, Stéphane and Sophie all made it to the finish line. Each of them reach the targets they wanted. The all Julbo team was there to welcome them with champagne-shower. Those moments were undoubtfully the most beautiful for Julbo. Afte a year of training only for that race to see your coworkers finishing with class, is something really rare in a lifetime. Trail running is in Julbo’s blood.

The spanish trail runner Eli Gordon Rodriguez (Esportiva AKSA / Julbo Spain) won the woman’s OCC race in 6 hours and 12 minutes in oh-so-wet conditions

Racing but not only.

On site from Tuesday to Friday on the event expo area, the wide sunglasses range was to be seen and tried. A very particular attention to detail was brought to the special edition of « AERO / AEROLITE UTMB® ».

An optician was on the booth in order to discuss the prescription solutions. People could come in with their “regular glasses”, the optician would take measures and show the person the matching frames available for the prescription.

We also held a lounge in order to welcome the VIP on a sunny deck. A special breakfast was held for the Chinese runners at that lounge. An initiative by the brand and its distributor in China.

On Thursday night, as many runners were still struggling on the OCC® or preparing for CCC® and UTMB®, was the second edition of the “Thank God I’m Not Racing Party” with Compresssport. Running shoes and lycra stayed in the cupboard, tuxedo only allowed.


Sylvain Camus Julbo UTMB

Sylvain Camus on TDS®


Team Julbo UTMB

TeamJulbo was there to welcom Maud and Stéphane who crossed the OCC® finish line togheter!


The best moments are on Twitter :


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